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How to handle a move when getting a divorce

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    Both moving and divorcing are hard things to get used to. Add those two together and you can have an emotional and planning disaster waiting to happen. At some point in our lives, we catch ourselves wanting to start anew. A move when getting divorced is just that. A closing of a new chapter and the beginning of a new story. So pick one of the best moving companies Los Angeles and take the first step towards the new you.

    Start on time

    To handle a move when getting a divorce, you need to start getting ready in time. You cant leave all the important details at the last minute. It is by no means easy to close the chapter of your life and start a brand new one. Leaving your home can sometimes be the same. You are leaving something comfortable and known and trading it for something uncertain and new. For example, moving from California to Colorado seems scary and distant but you never know what wonderful things or people are waiting there.

    A woman leaving her wedding band
    Sometimes the way to handle a move when getting a divorce is not as hard as it seems. It’s an opportunity to be alone and think, and heal at your own pace.

    Eight weeks prior

    Contact movers Orange County on time, and arrange the moving date and services you will be using. Make sure that you finish all of the divorce documents as well. It’s weary important that you check the moving company as there can be scammers. You can ask someone you know or check the company reviews. If you are relocating because of work, look into it and make sure what costs the company is covering. It is not easy to handle a move when getting a divorce, especially if it is sudden, so make sure all of your things are divided.

    • Divide things that are yours and your ex-spouses to pack more efficiently.
    • Donate or sell the items that bring back bad memories of the marriage.
    • If you have children together spend more time with the kids and work up a plan for seeing them.

    Four weeks prior

    Make sure to check your moving quotes Los Angeles. Find a new doctor at your new home, and do a house inspection. Make sure everything is nice and clean before you move in. If there are any damages fix them in time. Gather your records such as medical and dental. Also if you have a pet order new licenses and tags listing your new home address. Make a packing plan.

    Packing bags in order to handle a move when getting a divorc
    Sometimes we can pack all our memories with one person in a bag. Make sure to think before you pack things that remind you of your ex-partner as they might hurt your feelings.

    Two weeks prior

    To handle a move when getting a divorce, you need to be organized. It’s time to start packing.  Go to your bank and empty your deposit and transfer everything to your new establishment. You can check yelp or some other forum for advice on new family doctors or veterinarians.

    One week and day prior

    After packing before commercial movers Los Angeles arrives, take one separate box with all your valuables and important items, that you will transport. In that box as well keep your medicine, pajamas, and necessary items. Don’t get cold feet. Moving during the divorce is hard but it’s a chance for a new start and a new you.

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