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How to get an accurate moving quote from your movers

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    When planning a move, one of the important things is to find a reliable moving company. An even more important factor that will influence the choice of a particular company is how to get an accurate moving quote? With today’s technology, you can do this easily online. Just start the quoting process right from your smartphone. Check out the reviews and recommendations on the websites of the movers Los Angeles. Ask your friends and family for feedback as well. On the other hand, ask for an accurate quote from the movers who personally inspect your home.┬áIn this case, the moving company must follow the rules set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The rule states that if your move is within a 50-mile radius, the assessment must be based on a physical inspection of your belongings.

    woman and calculator
    An accurate moving quote will help to ensure a satisfactory relocation process.

    The key is a good organization to get an accurate moving quote

    Always hire a professional like moving companies Orange County. It is best to do this at least two months before the move. Don’t focus on just going cheaper. Large companies offering extra services will make your job much easier and the savings are insignificant. For example, if you need storage because you can’t move in or out right away. Be flexible and consider moving out of season. Look at the second or third week of the month to save money.

    Request moving quotes from at least three moving companies

    Your first task would be to request moving quotes from at least three companies, you can look at moving quotes Los Angeles. Go for companies that have good reviews or recommendations from past customers. Finding a mover will not be difficult because the moving market is huge. According to the American Society for Moving and Storage, there are over 7,000 companies in the moving industry. Be prepared to ask potential movers the following questions:

    • Are they able to provide you with an on-site binding written estimate?
    • Can they offer you a discount or promotion?
    • And how long will the move take?

    These are all questions you need to ask when getting estimates.

    The difference between a binding and non-binding moving quote

    A binding written estimate is a contract that contains the total cost of moving from California to Florida. This quote is binding and the company is obligated to meet the price it has quoted you. This price includes the weight of your items and services.

    A non-binding estimate is simply the best estimate of your relocation costs. By regulation, a company can only charge you 10% more than a non-binding estimate.

    Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate is similar to the binding estimate. The difference is that you will only pay less than the quoted price if your belongings turn out to be lighter than estimated.

    get an accurate moving quote that you calculate according to your budget.
    There are different types of quotes you can get from a mover.

    Hidden costs

    You may not be aware of the additional costs when evaluating the move. These may include moving heavy furniture or oddly shaped items, extra packing materials, driver fees. So, before you get an accurate moving quote, make sure the company has highlighted all the offers they have made to you.

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