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How to find reusable packing supplies in Seattle

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Whether you’re moving house or putting your things in storage, some packing is due regardless. Before you start packing, though, therećs something you need to do. Namely, it’s time to decide what kind of packing supplies you want to use. If you care about the environment and you don’t want to create more waste than necessary, then you’re probably interested in getting reusable packing supplies in Seattle. Luckily, there are quite a few ways of getting hold of reusable supplies and making the most of them. So, if you’re not sure where to find supplies before hiring professional movers Seattle, we’re here to help. Here’s how you can get the needed supplies.

Find reusable packing supplies online

Nowadays, there’s virtually nothing you can’t find online. And when it comes to moving, you can use the Internet to find everything from moving services Seattle to packing materials. So, it’s time to fire up your laptop and look for the supplies you need for the upcoming move. There are plenty of websites you can check out and find either new or used packing supplies.

Woman using a laptop on the bed to research reusable packing supplies in Seattle
One of the best places to begin the search for reusable moving boxes is the Internet.

This is a way to quickly and easily find the reusable packing materials in Seattle that you’re looking for. And the best part is that you can put them back online after the move and let someone else get some use out of them.

Borrow packing materials from friends or neighbors

As the name suggests, the great thing about these boxes is that they can be used again and again. Usually, reusable supplies stand for plastic containers, which are very sturdy and can be used for different purposes. Well, if you know that some of your friends, family or neighbors have recently used plastic containers for their move, give them a call. They might be willing to lend the boxes to you and spare you the trouble of looking for reusable packing supplies in Seattle for days on end. Plus, you’ll get to save some money on supplies and spend more on Washington movers – you can get the moving help you deserve.

Ask moving companies for reusable packing supplies in Seattle

Another good way to get hold of reusable moving supplies in Seattle is by contacting moving companies. Namely, many moving companies offer packing services, or they at least sell high-quality packing supplies. So in case you’re hiring international movers Seattle for your relocation, you can ask them if they offer reusable packing supplies. If so, you’ll get moving services and reusable boxes in the same place! And the best news is that moving companies often provide their clients with top-quality supplies.


In most cases, you can choose whether you want to rent their plastic containers or buy them. If you decide to rent the boxes, they will be delivered to your doorstep. Once you’re settled into the new house, the movers will come and pick up the empty boxes from your home. It’s a very good way to avoid clutter in your home and creating waste.

Get used cardboard boxes for free

Yet another great way to save money on packing supplies when moving from Washington to California is by getting them for free. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Here’s how you can get reusable moving boxes in Seattle free of charge.

Two open carton boxes
If you want to use carton boxes, but you want to get used ones for free, there are a few solutions.
  • Visit local supermarkets, bookstores, pharmacies and ask for the boxes they don’t need.
  • Use the abovementioned websites like Freecycle.
  • Check if you have old carton boxes lying around.
  • Ask friends if they have boxes they don’t need.

So, now you’re ready for finding reusable packing supplies in Seattle and packing your things without creating waste. And you might even manage to save some money in the process – it’s a win-win!

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