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How to find friends in LA after moving

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Moving to another home unfortunately means leaving many of your friends behind. You will need to create new relationships and this is a process that does not come easy for many people. In order to find friends in LA after moving, you may need to employ creative solutions. That is why Los Angeles Transfer and Storage has prepared this article. In it, we will talk about some of the easiest ways to find friends at your new place of residence.

Tips to find friends in LA after moving!

Here are the four main ways to find friends in your new neighborhood:

  • Search for friends of friends
  • You can find friends in LA after moving while walking your dog
  • Communicate with your new coworkers
  • Visit bars and clubs

Of course, you can also frequent the places that you like to hang out in and attend community and other events. Moving to LA, you will have access to a variety of them, on a regular basis. They are also a great way to meet new and interesting people, ones that share your interests.

Search for friends of friends

The first, and the easiest solution, is to try finding some of your friend’s friends. This is by far the best approach, as they can connect you to other like-minded individuals and you will be building your new social circle before you know it. Therefore, even before hiring one of the moving companies Orange County, you might want to ask around if there are people that your friends know that are living in LA. If you find a couple, or even one, it might make the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

two male friends, handshake, smiling
Meeting the friends of your friends is a great way to start building your new social life.

You can find friends in LA after moving while walking your dog

If you have a canine companion, you can easily meet new people by having a stroll. Your furry friend will get you into “easy” social situations, where you will be able to strike a conversation. Not everyone you meet will be a friend material, of course, but you will have opportunities aplenty. You can talk about your recent relocation, about your experiences with moving services Los Angeles, etc. You can invite the people you like to your home, or to an event to further the relationship.

Communicate with your new coworkers

While the workplace might not be always ideal for forming friendly relationships, you will still want to engage in small talk with your colleagues. You can start building a relationship, and see where it goes. However, you can meet new and interesting people through your coworkers. You have nothing to lose by communicating, so why not give it a go? Ask them for recommendations, about cleaning services Los Angeles for example, people love giving those out. It is a great ice-breaker, as the people you will be talking to will feel like they are helping you in a way. And that is a positive emotion.

office space, three coworkers
Your coworkers might be great friend material, or they can help you meet new people!

Visit bars and clubs

Lastly, you can always resort to “the last option”. And that is to visit bars and clubs in search of companionship. The reason why we call it the “last resort” is due to the fact that it is definitely the hardest of the lot. You can’t simply barge in and strike a conversation about anything, like storage Los Angeles for example. And if you were comfortable in bars, you would not be having any issues in meeting new people in the first place! But it is still a great option, just make sure to pick up the place that you really like. You are more likely to find same-minded individuals that way!

You may want to avoid the best bars and clubs in LA at the start, though. They are quite impersonal, and it might be difficult to get a conversation going. Leave them for later, to enjoy with your newly-minted friends!

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