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How to design a peaceful living space in your new LA home

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Are you looking for ways to design a peaceful living space in your new home? Some of the best moving companies Los Angeles offers have prepared ideas to help you get inspired in the ways that you can design a peaceful living space in your new LA home. LA is a very loud and dynamic city, and it’s no surprise that you’re looking for ways to turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary. After the busy day, all one wants to do is to relax and have quiet and peace. To find out more about how you can make your space more inviting, bright, spacious, and peaceful, keep on reading! 

room with a black wall
Colors affect the way that we perceive space. White color makes the room seem bigger – and the black makes it seem smaller.

Think about the colors when trying to design a peaceful living space

One of the most important features of the room is its colors. They determine the contrast and can affect everything, from the size of the room to the general feeling. It’s imperative that the colors in your room go together, and to ensure that that’s going to happen, try to find the color schemes on the internet. When you’ve found the one that perfectly matches your personality, as well as the mood of the room, then plan which color is going to be for your walls, which you’ll get your furniture in, and which one is going to be for details. That way, you can’t go wrong! Remember that white, and brighter colors in general, make rooms appear bigger, while dark ones and black make it smaller. If you have a room which is small and you want it to look bigger, paint it in white and add mirrors to make it look spacious. Spice it up by adding very colorful details and decorations.

To design a peaceful living space, think windows

No room is going to look good if it doesn’t have proper windows. If you have a good view, consider getting bigger windows for your home, unless you live in a very cold place. Then, you’ll want to keep your window surface to the minimum to lessen the heating bills. To do so, you’ll need reliable movers like Movers Orange County to move your items to the storage so you’ll able to get to work. Before you go ahead and call the workers, first you’ll have to make a plan of the furniture and determine where exactly you want your windows. Putting the mirror on the wall next to the one with the windows will make sure that the sun reflects off it and lights up the rest of the room. If planned carefully, this can give a wonderful light as well as create the illusion that the room is bigger.

room with big windows
windows will make any room look bigger and brighter. When mirrors are placed strategically, they can light up the rest of the room!

Put down the walls

Do you have a room that doesn’t really have a function because of its size or position? Consider breaking down the wall between that room and some other one. That way, you can make the room more functional and give it more space and light. This solution isn’t something that first comes to mind, but it’s worth considering, especially if only one side of your apartment is sunny and you want to introduce more light into space.

More tips on how to  design a peaceful living space

More tips on how to  design a peaceful living space:

  • Introduce the water into space – If you can, placing a transparent vase with flowers, or a small fountain will help you make the space much more inviting. That way, you can have a body of water inside your apartment. It calms a lot of people down while not taking anything away from the spaciousness of the room. It’s best suited for the living room.
  • Use soothing colors – Using soothing colors like green, or even pastel colors, can make the whole space look more soothing and relaxing. Green is proven to be soothing for the eyes. That’s also one of the main reasons it’s used in the wellness industry as well as the hospital.
  • Introduce wood elements – Wood complements water, plants, and green colors very well. Try to get some of the elements to imitate wood or bring in the real deal, be it a piece of furniture or just a decoration.
  • Get plants – Plants will make your space seem more alive as well as bring the fresh air. Besides that, they’re also green. Having a piece of nature in your own home will definitely have a calming effect. Why not spice up space with some lovely plants?
  • Fill the space with the things you like – Having the things that you like and that remind you of the good times will reignite the happy centers in your brain. Place those things around the apartment, especially around the room you spend the most time in.
Placing wooden elements and plants will make any room feel more organic!

Think about all the senses

Don’t forget to think about the other senses apart from the visual one. It’s important to introduce some elements which are satisfying to other senses as well to get the complete peaceful experience. Get the fuzzy rug, pillows, or very soft blanket. Always have it on the sofa or chair that you spend the most time on. Moreover, think about the smells you like. For example, the smells of plants, scented candles or sticks, vanilla, cinnamon, or something else. Try to create a space where you’ll be able to smell it. Having something delicious to grab to eat can also contribute to the experience, though it shouldn’t become a coping mechanism.

Search for the DIY ideas

DIY ideas are a great start if you don’t want to invest a lot of money, but you can invest a lot of time! They also have great ideas for children’s rooms and the ways to decorate them. If you have enough time to do the research and find the ideas that you like, and that you can incorporate, do it by all means. Don’t forget to buy the proper equipment for the projects. That way you know you’re going to do them properly. Seeing your creation come to life is an amazing feeling, so get down to it!

Consider hiring experts

If you were to ship car from California to Florida, one of the first things that would come to your mind is to hire professional movers. Why not think the same way for creating a peaceful space? Call an interior designer or an architect to help you use your space in the best possible way! 

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