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How to declutter your LA storage unit properly

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When you have to move, it’s always good and useful to start decluttering. If you want to do it properly, you should start with your storage unit. However, you must know how to clean and declutter your LA storage unit the right way. So, you should read our guide and find out how to do it properly and prepare.

Before you declutter your LA storage unit, get help from a reliable moving company

Sure, the moving process is complicated. But it can get even more complicated if you don’t know how to handle it. Or if you don’t have the right help from movers. So, before you start decluttering your LA storage unit, book reliable movers such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. They know the procedure and will help you to go through the decluttering process with ease. Also, they will help you with the items you don’t need but are emotionally attached to. Simply, professionals know how to organize and declutter your storage unit.

Man carrying a moving box
Trustworthy moving professionals can help you declutter your LA storage unit.

Prepare for decluttering your storage unit

Successful decluttering starts with good and thorough preparation. So, start with taking an inventory of your LA storage unit contents. That means you should scan the unit and take an inventory of what’s inside. Because if you have an inventory, it will be easier to declutter your storage unit. As you will know the work that is ahead. Also, you can find climate controlled storage Los Angeles and safely leave your items there while you declutter.

Woman and man writing, surronded with boxes
Write down every item in your storage to complete the process of decluttering.

Ask for help

After you prepare an inventory list, it is time to ask for help. Whether it is the help from Los Angeles interstate movers or your friends. Don’t hesitate to look for proper and reliable help if you want to successfully declutter your storage unit. Also, simultaneously, pick a time to do the actual cleanout. Then, prepare all the supplies you are going to need. For instance, prepare garbage bags, labels, and sorting totes.

How to clean out your LA storage unit

Another great piece of advice when decluttering your storage unit is to sort your stuff into categories. So, our advice is to use four empty boxes for sorting. Those are a keep, toss, donate/sell, and ‘store’ box.

  • The keep box is your first box. It includes all the items you can take from your storage unit and bring to your new home. For those items, we recommend you hire appliance movers Los Angeles.
  • The second box is the ‘store’ box where you can sort things that will stay in storage.
  • Then, you can have a sell box for all the items you plan to sell or donate. For those items, you can organize a yard sale.
  • Finally, the last box is a toss box. Logically, this box will include anything that is broken beyond repair.
Man holding an old music record
Consider organizing a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary items.

Stay on task and successfully declutter your LA storage unit

After reading our advice, we hope you are feeling prepared to declutter your storage unit. In the end, we wish to tell you that you should stick to your scheduled time frame when decluttering. And if you hired moving and decluttering help, you shouldn’t worry about this project. You are on the task and you will get the job done.

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