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How to declutter a storage unit in Dupont, WA

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    Having a storage unit is a great way to keep rarely used or out-of-season items out of your home. However, if you only keep putting new items in a storage unit, you will soon have a problem on your hands. This can be tricky if you are moving from Washington to California, and you also need to declutter a storage unit in Dupont. For this reason, it’s important to keep your storage unit organized. Owning a storage unit also means regularly cleaning and decluttering it. However, if you didn’t do it, and your storage unit is overflown with unnecessary items, you have a little problem. But don’t worry, here are tips for easier storage unit declutter. 

    Have a good plan when you need to declutter a storage unit in Dupont 

    Decluttering and cleaning a storage unit is not the most interesting task in the world, in fact, it’s pretty boring. So, it’s no wonder why you have been avoiding it. However, when you have to do it, you should make it easier for you. If you are moving to La from Seattle, you should do the declutter in advance and with help. No matter how big or overstuffed your storage unit is, you should get help from family or friends. This way, the declutter will feel less hard and boring. 

    Before you start tackling storage units Dupont WA, you need to make a solid plan. It would be ideal if you can write down everything you have stored. This way, you will already know what you want to keep and want to declutter before you even step into the storage unit. 

    declutter a storage unit in Dupont written on the paper with sticky notes
    Make a good plan for your storage unit

    You can choose four scenarios for your stored items 

    If you want to hurry to declutter because furniture movers Seattle will be arriving soon, you can use a method of dividing your items into four piles. This means you can prepare four boxes, in which you will be putting your items according to their future. In one box, you should put items you will keep. The rest three boxes, you should label as follows.

    • Sell 
    • Donate 
    • Throw away 

    You should decide the future of decluttered items based on their condition. For example, you can either sell or donate items in good condition. If you are financially capable, you should donate most things. However, if you need money, you can try to sell them online or organize a yard sale. 

    person holding a piece of paper
    You can try selling your decluttered items

    Tips for easier declutter 

    If you don’t know where to start to declutter a storage unit in Dupont, you can start with duplicates. You can declutter just one, or if you want to be more effective, you can declutter both. Next, you can certainly declutter clothes out of fashion, or overgrown children’s clothes. If you get stuck at some point, you should think about the positive aspects of decluttering. You will be getting rid of items you don’t need, and you will make space for new items. Additionally, you won’t feel pressure anymore when you think about your storage unit. After decluttering, you will have an easier time keeping your storage unit clean and organized. 

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