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How to cut moving expenses when moving from Seattle?

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    When we relocate, the first thing we usually think of is “How do I cut down my costs?” And of course, we all know that regardless if the relocation is local or cross-country, it can get really expensive. According to research, moving within the same state can cost around $2000. While, for example, moving from Washington to California can set you back as much as $4000. With that said, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to cut moving expenses when moving from Seattle. Money doesn’t grow on trees after all. So, if you’re in the middle of such a relocation, you’ll be looking for some clever tricks to save a penny. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to boost your budget. We’ve picked a few ways to help you lighten your load which will surely be useful.

    person trying to cut moving expenses when moving from Seattle
    Balancing your moving budget requires careful planning and research

    Cut moving expenses when moving from Seattle by setting up a budget

    A good start to cutting down expenses is to carefully monitor them and react if something ends up costing more than it should. Keeping the moving costs we’ve mentioned above in mind, create your own budget and stick to it. This budget will help you both stay within your limits, and make reductions wherever you see possible. Fill it with important information regarding the costs of international movers Seattle. List things such as moving cost estimates, added services, moving insurance, and any added fees and costs. In addition, don’t forget to note down any self-moving expenses that may occur. These are things such as packing supplies, truck rentals, and other hidden costs. It is also equally important not to forget any costs that may occur after the move. House renovation and new furniture, for example, should be taken into account. Skipping them may result in unforeseen problems.

    Try negotiating a better price with your movers

    When trying to cut moving expenses when moving from Seattle, it is important to remember that no moving estimate is set in stone. This means that you can always try negotiating a better price with professional movers Seattle. If you’re not confident in your haggling skills, it is still worth giving it a try. Usually, reliable moving companies would be happier with giving you a good deal, than seeing you go to a competitor. Think about this fact because it can be a good tactical move. After you’ve picked a few companies of your liking, contact them and try to negotiate. Tell them that you’re interested in their services, but you’ve been offered a lower price by another company. Ask them if they would be willing to match the price, or even lower it. This is a rather sneaky tactic, but remember, you have nothing to lose trying.

    two women talking during a meeting
    Openly talk with your movers and try to reduce the price

    A serious moving company will always try to keep its customers by offering flexible prices and conditions. The main goal is to reach a mutual understanding which works for everyone involved. In this case, you also have to be willing to settle on a compromise. Sometimes a simple and honest talk with the company will do you a world of good. Lastly, if your chosen movers don’t want to reduce the price, it’s always good to try the next day. Mainly, your perseverance will show them that you are a serious customer, intent on using their services. In the meantime, they might change their mind about providing you with their moving services Seattle. Lastly, if you try contacting your chosen movers the next day, you might be able to continue the conversation with a more flexible and open sales representative.

    Sourcing your own moving supplies will also help cut down on expenses

    One of the largest moving expenses are, in most cases, the packing supplies. You can cut the moving costs by using blankets, bedsheets, and towels, instead of buying plastic covers, bubble wrap, and packing paper. This way, your fragile items will remain just as safe, while your wallet will feel relief. You can also use plastic tubs, buckets, plastic bags, and suitcases as makeshift relocation containers. In addition to all of this, you can ask your Southern California movers if they have eco-friendly moving boxes. They are reusable, so you won’t have to wonder what to do with them after the move. Recycling them is also very simple, so you won’t have to worry much. You’ll feel good knowing that you did your part to contribute to saving the planet.

    people packing items in moving boxes
    Using alternative packing supplies can be a great budget booster

    Speaking of moving boxes, apart from eco-friendly solutions, there are other ways to find reusable packing supplies in Seattle. Local businesses, such as supermarkets, supply stores, or bookstores, certainly have more boxes than they need. In most cases, they are required to break them down and send them off for recycling. All you have to do is come around and ask if they have a few spare boxes lying around. They’ll be more than happy to part ways with them. You could also ask your friends or colleagues if they have boxes which they don’t need, either from recent purchases or previous moves. And even though it feels nice sourcing free boxes and saving money, you still need to be observant. You should always go for boxes which are in good condition. Avoid the ones with tears or visible water damage, otherwise, they might break during the move.

    The less you have to move, the less you’ll have to pay

    When you consider all aspects of your move, the bottom line is, you’re paying for the transport of your items. So, if you want to cut moving expenses when moving from Seattle, ask yourself if you really need everything on your checklist. Find items that are either too old or serve you no purpose, and get rid of them. If something is too old, it can go straight to recycling. Items that are still in good condition can be donated to charitable organizations in your area. Alternatively, you can collect all of those belongings and organize a yard sale before moving. Someone will surely find a use for your unwanted items. Not only will you lighten your load, but you will also get some money back to cover the moving expenses. With clever tricks like these, your move will be smooth, and your wallet will remain intact.

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