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How to babyproof your house after moving

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Having a baby is hard, and moving with a baby is even harder, but caring for a baby in a home that is not babyproof is the hardest. We can imagine that after moving your energy will be at an all-time low. But still, we insist that you don’t wait and take a few fast steps to babyproof your home. You can always find ways around your other tasks, like for example looking into some of the cleaning services Los Angeles companies offer. But caring for your baby is strictly your job. We will tell you how to babyproof your house after moving, in a few short steps.

Do you really need to babyproof your house after moving?

Some people ask how to babyproof a house after moving, while others ask if they really need to do it. The primary problem when moving into a new house is that the new location will be totally foreign to you. With the logic that you won’t understand all of its nooks and crannies yet. Such an unfamiliar environment can conceal potential dangers. Even for Southern California movers that are skilled adults, let alone for truly young kids who are beginning the learning procedure from zero.

A baby on a sofa
Small kids are really curious and full of energy. So there are many dangers they can face in a home that’s not baby-proof.

It is considered that kids around the years of 1 and 4 are very liable to unexpected wounds from fire, water, dangerous substances, and falling. So, until you’ve made certain every space in the new house is 100% secure for your infant or toddler, you have to believe that it may include potential risks and dangers that could harm your little human. In the meantime look for answers on how to babyproof your house after moving. Babyproofing a new home is an important security step that consists of two independent yet closely related missions:

  1. Determining all reasonable hazards for your child
  2. Eradicating those dangers and risks so that the new territory is entirely safe and risk-free for your child to investigate and appreciate.

Start from the baby room

If you want to know how to babyproof your house after moving our first advice is to start from the baby room. After moving the whole home will be filled with boxes and furniture. And just that by itself is extremely dangerous for your kids. So when arriving at your new home, have someone watch over the kid and unpack its room first. Of course, you can also find some moving services Los Angeles offers, that can help you unpack faster. After unpacking the kid’s room, cover all of the sharp corners and electrical outlets. And you have made a safe space for your kid. Now you can take care of the rest of the house without having to worry.

A kids room after moving
Making a safe space for your kid while you unpack and baby-proofing the rest of the house is a must.

Remove all of the clutter

Next, you will need to remove all of the clutter. Now there are different types of clutter after moving. One is the items you are unpacking, the other is the material you used for packing and the last is the items you brought from the old home, but don’t use. In this case, how to babyproof your house after moving is the least of your problems. With so much clutter around there are dangers at every step. So what can you do about it?

  • Pile all of the boxes into one corner – In each room make a pile of boxes in one corner. This way they won’t be all over the room and will be easier to organize.
  • Assemble all of the furniture – When you place the boxes on the sides you will have enough space to assemble all of the furniture. If you change your mind about some furniture you can always donate it to The Furniture Bank.
  • Start unpacking – When you place all of the furniture it’s time to unpack the boxes.
  • Get rid of unwanted items – If you find items you don’t need or use while unpacking you can sell them or donate them. Or if you are not sure about them you can always place them in the storage Los Angeles companies offer.
  • Recycle the packing materials that are left after unpacking.
Parents googleing how to babyproof your house after moving
You can always ask people for more ideas on how to babyproof your house after moving.

Secure the bathrooms and kitchens

If you are wondering how to babyproof your house after moving to LA, then you should start with bathrooms and kitchens. Some of the things you need to do are keep all of the sharp items like razors and knives as well as medication and spices on high shelves. Get cabinet locks as well. Place rugs and sticky items on the floor to prevent kids from sliding on the tiles. Cook on the back burners, as some kids are curious and might want to touch around the stove while you cook.

Living room

Make a small corner just for your kids. But don’t think that will be enough. It is important for you to know how to babyproof your house after moving, and apply it to the living room too. Start by securing everything to the walls. Including television in order to prevent it from falling on top of children. Place heavy items on the lowest shelves in order to stabilize them as well (if you can secure them to the wall). Place a corner guard on all sharp edges. At the same time hide all of the cables and close all unused electrical outlets. Kids and stairs are not a good mix. Especially toddlers that just learned how to walk. In order to make it safe for them place baby gates on the top and the bottom of the stairs. Make sure that they are free of any clutter and toys at all times.

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