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How to avoid unwanted moving expenses

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Finances are one of the most important life aspects for many people. Granted, money is not the most important thing in the world but we certainly can’t live without it. Given the fact that life is also quite unpredictable, we are often forced to make budget cuts and modifications. So, how that exactly applies to the relocation process? Well, relocation is not cheap. You should be aware that the average price of the local move is around 2,000$. On the other hand, typical expenses for a long-distance move LA can mount over 5,000$. Add to that equation the insurance policies, modifications to your new property, costs of traveling and unexpected costs. In the end, you have a respectable amount that requires some serious financial planning. What we want to find out here is if there is a way to lower these expenses? Can you avoid unwanted moving expenses and save some of your hard-earned money? We know several proven methods, so stay with us to find out more.

Find reputable movers

The first step towards successful relocation is to secure the services of a renowned moving company Los Angeles. Invest some time in exploring the internet and learning what are the traits of reputable movers. Also, if you have friends who moved recently, ask them for recommendations. Hiring reputable movers ensure you won’t have to deal with unclear moving contracts and hidden costs. Additionally, you will get an experienced moving crew with all the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out all relocation-related tasks.

Avoid unwanted moving expenses by starting early

What is the best way to spare yourself from unnecessary stress? The answer is to give yourself an early start. Moving is a complex process and if you start early you will be able to save your nerves and money. Last-minute moving is not simple and requires some well-planned strategies.  Start searching for moving company on time. Since you will have more time at your disposal, you will be able to call several moving agencies to give you an estimate.

Furthermore, having more offers increase your chances of finding an affordable moving company. Likewise, if you book your move in advance you will be able to get some sweet discounts. Another way to cut unnecessary costs is to be flexible. If you don’t have strict dates for your relocation, you can opt to move outside of the moving season. Moving quotes are lower in this period. Let your movers choose the exact date to save some more money.

avoid unwanted moving expenses by starting on time
Good timing is crucial if you wish to lower the costs of your move

Do a major overhaul of your belongings

We can’t think of a better time to clear your residential junk than the period prior to the relocation. Be it residential or commercial relocation There are several advantages to organizing a decluttering day.

  • Clean and organized space. Before you start planning anything you should to your surroundings. Clean living space is the key to thinking clearly. And relocation is a period where you need your mind to be clear. Therefore, you will slim down the chances of forgetting anything if you are not surrounded by a pile of random items.
  • Moving quotes. The price of every move is calculated by using two main factors. The distance of the move and the total weight of your belongings. In other words, if you throw out some of your belongings, you will pay less for the move.
  • Earn something in the process. Do you have old clothes, electrical devices, and furniture? Try selling them online. On top of saving on moving quotes, you can earn something along the way. If you believe profits generated from these sales are not worth the effort, consider donating to people in need. Lastly, throw out anything that is just trash and unusable.

    Picture of a messy apartment
    Your budget will benefit greatly if you have a clean apartment

Save some money by doing something on your own

Moving companies offer a wide array of moving services Los Angeles. Commercial relocation, packing services, shuttle services, storage services and so forth. One way to save your money is to acquire only pickup and delivery services. This is something you can’t do by yourself unless you own a truck. On the contrary, packing your stuff is quite easy and you can do it without professional assistance. If you have a lot to pack, you can call your friends to help you. Items like books, clothes and children’s toys are all simple to pack, you just need adequate tools. Take a tour around your neighborhood and find the following packing supplies:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Marker pens
  • Scissors

Watch out not to overstuff the boxes. In addition to being easier for transportation, half-full boxes are also easier to carry and less prone to tearing apart. Get ready to tackle any unexpected situation by preparing a box with essential items. This will drastically reduce the chances of any unwanted expenses appearing.

Picture of DIY equipment
Do some of the work on your own to avoid unwanted moving expenses

Avoid unwanted moving expenses by protecting your belongings

Damage to your belongings is the worst possible moving expense you could experience. Even if you hire the most reliable moving company in the universe, unfortunate events sometimes happen. Therefore, instead of scratching your head in disbelief, be wise and insure your belongings. Every reputable moving company offers several types of moving insurance.

Basic liability coverage, for example, is the cheapest type of moving insurance. It is also obligatory by the law. The problem is, if your OLED tv gets broken you will get only 30 cents per pound as a reimbursement. We believe that you can do the math on your own, and for this reason, we advise you to take a look at other types of moving insurance like full-value protection or third-party insurance. Either way, it pays to be protected.

As can be seen, there is a lot of ways to avoid unwanted moving expenses. What you have to keep in mind is that an early start and good organization can save you a lot of money. Follow our advice and save some of your cash for some other equally important parts of the relocation process.

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