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How to avoid fraudulent movers in LA

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Moving is a process that is of utmost importance for the whole duration of it. Meaning that, once you are moving, everything else has to be on hold for a while. Hiring professional movers, like Southern California movers, can help you speed up the moving process and grasp it, in general. However, in the sea of moving companies, there are bound to be some “rotten apples”. Namely, today we will help you avoid fraudulent movers in LA by teaching you about the signs to look for in a moving company. These signs, or traits, often characterize a company to those who want to hire them. Luckily, there are traits or ways a certain company works that might ring your alarms. More importantly, because a moving company plays a big role in your relocation process, knowing which company to hire is very important.

How to successfully avoid fraudulent movers in LA?

There is a plethora of moving companies out there that you can hire. Granted, most of them are professional moving companies with no ill intent. However, being wary of anyone trying to scam you during the process of relocation is advisable. Moreover, this does not mean that every company might try to do that or that these fraudulent companies are common. In fact, if you do some simple, yet effective, background checks or take recommendations from others, you will less likely to encounter such a company.

a person waiting to sign a contract in an office
Fraudulent companies will often seem “too good to be true” and try to lure in people as fast as possible

Nonetheless, being careful is always a good idea. Especially when you have a lot of valuable, or necessary items that you have to move to your new home. Because of that, in this article, we will help you learn how to find a proper, professional company, like Los Angeles interstate movers, that can help you relocate without issues.

Take recommendations from close friends or family

The first thing you want to do when you are looking for a moving company is talking to someone you know that was moving recently. By doing so, you can get recommendations from a reliable source about a certain moving company. The people you are close with will always be honest about their experience with a moving company. That way, they can either recommend or not recommend the company they hired. Besides, even if you are hiring a company for other services, like renting storage units Dupont, WA, the people you know can help you decide. Relying on someone with experience in relocations can help you learn more about which companies to hire and which companies to avoid. Moreover, they can freely tell you about the financial part of the process and how much money you will need to finish everything.

Do your own research

Researching on moving companies and their services, like moving services Los Angeles, is actually pretty easy and accessible. The main reason for this is that professional moving companies never shy away from sharing their information with the public. Furthermore, this means that you can visit the company website and find all of the information you need about the company, the services they provide and much more. By knowing what to expect from a certain company, you are more likely to avoid fraudulent movers in LA.

a man researching ways to avoid fraudulent movers in LA on his laptop
Use the internet to learn what companies are in your area and what people think of their work

If you are unsure what company to contact, go online and search for the best companies in your area. That will reveal some choices and you can start from there. Granted, you can ask a friend with moving experience to help you find a good moving company. Remember, professional companies will always gladly answer your questions about the company or the job they are doing.

Avoid fraudulent movers in LA by gathering several moving estimates

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving is choosing the first company you stumble upon. Not to say that you will stumble on a fraudulent moving company on your first contact, but you might also not get the best offer. You should never accept the first offer you get. Instead, you should gather several offers from different moving companies and weigh in the pros and cons of each. That way, if you are moving from California to Washington, you will be able to know what the approximate price for moving is. Based on that, you can later determine which company provides the best service for a certain amount of money. More importantly, you will learn what the median price for relocation is. This can help you spot a fraudulent company in case they try to low-ball you with an offer.

How can you spot a fraudulent moving company?

There are several things that separate fraudulent companies from professional ones. To bring this closer to you, here is what you should know:

  • Fraudulent companies will almost always resort to the non-binding moving estimate (one of three moving estimates) as it allows them to low-ball people into accepting
  • An ill-intent company will try to rush you into making a decision, whereas professional companies value your time and decisions
  • The website of the company does not display customer reviews, company information, or permits, and licenses
  • If a company requires a large before-the-move deposit, it is probably a scam
  • They provide you with little-to-none information about how the process f relocation goes down

Once you learn what to look for in a company, fraudulent companies are easy to avoid

It is not hard to differentiate a professional approach to your relocation process from the one that is obviously not that. The best way to learn this is by contacting a couple of companies and comparing them. By just talking to professional companies, you will know how to avoid fraudulent movers in LA if you encounter them.

a couple high-fiving eachother after successfully finding a proper moving company
If the company you talk with shows that they do not care about what you need, they will most likely not care how good your relocation process is

Professional movers always value your time, items, and money. On the other hand, fraudulent movers will always try to rush you, tell you to not worry about certain things, and fail to explain the process they will go through to relocate you safely. Communication is key and here is where it shows the most.

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