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How to avoid and overcome moving day disasters

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Is your moving day becoming close, but you find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety? The best way to reduce anxiety is to prepare for the move the best you can! That way, you’ll be able to overcome moving day disasters easier, knowing that you did all you could. Los Angeles Transfer has decided to share a few tips that portray what they’ve learned after numerous moves and years in the business. Are you ready to find out how to avoid disasters on your moving day? Keep on reading!

stressed girl laying on the floor among boxes
Overcoming the moving day stress begins in the early phases of the moving preparations!

The best way to avoid and overcome moving day disasters is to prepare

If you’re reluctant to hiring some of the best moving companies Los Angeles can offer, then you need to dive deep and prepare extensively. What are some of the ways that you can prepare for the moving day?

Tips to overcome moving day disasters: 

  • Do the homework: research and prepare yourself!
  • Have your and (if you have children) your child’s’ bag ready a few days in advance
  • Have the backup plans if the one you have don’t pan out 

Start planning early to overcome moving day disasters

Let’s analyze a simple scenario. Let’s say that you’re moving from California to Florida. How are you going to transfer your items? Surely, you need a truck, or more trucks, to fit all of your belongings. Do you hire trucks with drivers or you have a friend that can do it? Does your friend have enough time? Maybe it’s best if you get a ship car from California to Florida. This isn’t where the problem ends. Who is going to load your truck? What are your children going to do on a moving day? There are just so many things that you need to think of. When you start planning early, you’ll realize how much job there actually is. It’s a complicated process and if you’re tackling it alone, you’ll need a lot of time. By starting to plan early you’ll be able to organize better and solve problems in advance. 

overcome moving day disasters by being organized
Overcome moving day disasters by preparing on time, decluttering, packing well, and labeling the boxes!

Invest in quality moving materials

Inversing in quality moving materials ensures that your items get from point A to the point B intact. If you’re moving long-distance, you’ll need to get plastic bins. That way, you’re going to have your items safely away from the moisture and some of the external mechanical damages. If you’re packing by yourself, without the help of a reliable, capable moving company, then you should get acquainted with the way that you should pack things. That way nothing important will get broken on a moving day!

How to pack the items for a move to avoid the disaster all together?

One of the most important things to say here is that you should start packing early. No one wants to be packing while other people are loading the truck. The fridge should be the last item to get packed, so leave extra time for it. Clean it the evening before the move and have the food for the next day ready. Make sure it’s not something that has to be placed in the fridge like eggs or meat. Have your items packed in quality boxes that won’t get damaged during carrying or transport. You can rent cardboard or plastic boxes, many moving companies provide them. You can also buy them if you’re planning to use them as a storage option in your new space. If you don’t know how to get rid of them, or just simply don’t want to deal with it, it’s best if you rent them. 

a man writing on a piece of paper
Lists will help you stay organized both mentally and financially!

Overcome moving day disasters by being organized!

How to stay organized during such a move? Two words: lists and labels! Additionally, make sure that you have educated yourself to the best of your abilities.

  • Lists: Make sure that you write lists. Lists will help you stay organized and have your information sorted in one place. If you don’t like writing, today’s technology allows you to easily access an app on your mobile. You can even use the one to track your expenses and have an overview of your financial situation – that’s sure to come in handy so you don’t go over your financial limit. 
  • Labels: When you’re packing your items, make sure that you label all of the boxes clearly. Write what’s inside so you can unpack easily when you arrive. Don’t forget to label the fragile ones so the movers know that they should pay extra attention to certain boxes.

Ask friends and family for help

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to overcome moving day disasters alone, contact friends and family – if they’ve moved recently, ask them what obstacles they’ve encountered. If not, just invite them over on a moving day to help you deal with the obstacles as they turn up. You don’t have to go through big, stressful situations on your own – just make sure that you’ve booked your friends or family a few weeks in advance. 

Consider hiring a professional moving company

To overcome moving day disasters, hire a professional moving company like Lost Angeles Transfer. Professional companies know how to handle unexpected situations because they’ve been there before, and they know where the problems may pop up! All of the movers in LA Transfer are trained professionals who respond well to stress and know how to approach obstacles creatively. If you’re unsure whether you’d like professional moving services, you can always get a free quote and decide. Calling a reputable moving company is also a good option, as you can get to ask them a lot of questions about the way they handle moving situations. You can also ask for advice – we’re more than ready to answer all of your burning questions. Are you ready to have a stress-free moving day that you’ve been dreaming of? 

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