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How to add value to your LA home

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Are you looking for ways to add value to your LA home? You’ve come to the right place! Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will help you start the renovations and add value to your LA home in no time. Whether you’d like to sell your home or you just want to add value for the future, you need someone experienced to guide you through the process. The first thing that you should do is to set your budget and have your home evaluated. See if everything that might need big renovations and investments is fine. If so, proceed with reading. If not, taking care of any major problems should be your priority, but keeping future renovations in mind might help you take care of several things at once, which is why you might also benefit from reading our tips. Let’s dive in!

Paint walls to add value to your LA home

Painting is one of the easiest ways to make your home look nice, fresh, and clean. If you need to do thorough cleaning you can turn to Cleaning Services Los Angeles. Painting your walls can add value to your LA home. You can do it so that the walls reflect your aesthetics, but before you do, make sure that there aren’t any necessary renovations to be done that might affect your wall paint. You can also place wallpapers or change tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, painting your home once in a while is hygienic and should be done regardless of your process of adding value.

Introduce new windows

If you have any old windows that make problems, changing them will add value to your LA home. When you change windows, they create much better insulation. Winters and summers with extreme temperatures will have much less effect. If there are any other home elements that need insulation, whether it’s temperature or sound installation, introduce it as well. Windows will also make your rooms look more spacious. It will give them openness, connection to the surroundings, natural lights and it will make rooms look bigger. To make rooms look bigger you can also place mirrors.

room with big windows
Windows affect the insulation as well as morphology of the room.

Redo the staircases

If your home has wooden staircases, or simply ones that have to get redone – now would be a perfect time. Have the wood sanded and varnished if it’s still in the good condition. If not, get the new one. Moreover, pay attention to the railing. It needs to be firm but also to look nice. If you can get the railing that’s easy to clean but looks good, that would be both practical and make the staircases more aesthetically pleasing.

Making outdoors seem impressive will add value to your LA home

You can add value to your LA home by:

  • Altering your yard
  • Planting trees
  • Getting a swing
  • Installing lights
  • Getting a garage
  • Cleaning it thoroughly

When you first moved, have Movers Orange County been able to approach your home and unload the truck easily? Did they have a space to park? How did your home look to you for the first time that you saw it? When people come to look at your house, the first thing they see is the entrance, lawn, the front yard, and the front side of the house. Take care of your front yard and the lawn. Plant a tree, get the fountain, or purchase small yard light. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing and effective. You want the people to be amazed when they look at your house so much that they want to live there immediately. Investing in trees and yard aesthetics isn’t as nearly expensive as some other renovations, especially if you do it alone.

add value to your LA home by altering your front lawn
Creating an inviting entrance will leave a lasting, positive impression.

Parking can leave a good impression

If you have any old car lying around without a purpose, Auto Transport when moving to California can help you get rid of it. It’s important that the first impression leaves people wanting to come back, so make sure you do everything that’s in your power to keep any old items out of the way. Parking is important as well, and if you can legally make an appropriate parking space or install a garage, that would really help your LA home value. Another change that you can easily make is placing a swing in your front yard. You can also get a patio, but that’s an investment that takes time and patience. If you need to alter your yard to

Floors need attention too

Whenever you come into the room, you look at its walls, furniture, or colors. We rarely think about floors, but the truth is that it makes a big difference. If you don’t have a satisfying floor, consider getting laminate flooring. You can place the thermal insulation under the flooring to make sure that the floor doesn’t get very cold over the winter. Keep in mind that the laminate is easy to clean, it’s not very expensive and if you get the tiles, you should opt for lighter or medium-colored ones. The dark tiles, more often than the dark laminate, start looking very dusty and dirty and has to be cleaned several times a day.

Add value to your LA home by installing new lights

Installing new lights is one of the cheapest ways to affect the way your home looks. If done right, light can make a very striking effect. Choose the lights whose shape corresponds to the aesthetics of the room. Think about where you want it to be placed – near the ceiling, or somewhere more towards the middle. If you have high ceilings use the opportunity to play with the light, it can look astounding. Opt to get the quality light bulbs that don’t break easily. 

elegant room with interesting lights
Interesting quality lights can add value to your home.

And last, but not least – don’t forget about the decorations

Shelves and wall decorations can change the whole morphology of the room. They can make it appear smaller, bigger, but most importantly, they can portray what the people may want to achieve. If you place trophies on the shelf, people will be likely to get interested in them. When they’re buying the house, people are buying the whole experience. You can do big renovations and have extremely valuable home improvements. But, as you can see, there are also many ways to add value to your home without having to invest a lot! 

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