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How much do you need to save before moving to LA?

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    Life in LA is a dream for many people. But the reality is that the city is expensive. The amazing climate, numerous opportunities, and fashionable lifestyle have brought in many people, raising the prices. If you plan to become a resident of this city and live comfortably, a lot of saving and financial planning are needed. Your move will be a breeze if you get some relocation assistance Los Angeles, while you can focus on the important things. But before you head into this adventure, how much should you save before moving to LA? We will give you the prices and some tips on how to do this.

    What are the living expenses in Los Angeles?

    The cost of living in a certain city is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before moving with some long distance moving companies Los Angeles. You already know that LA is expensive, but how expensive is it? This way we hope to give you a general idea of how much you should save before moving to LA. The biggest expenses in this city are:

    • Housing
    • Utilities
    • Groceries

    You will have to save before moving to LA mostly for housing costs

    The housing costs in Los Angeles are some of the most expensive in the country. A general rule of thumb before moving from California to Washington is to save three rents worth of money. One should be for the security deposit, one for the rent, and one for any unplanned expenses that can pop up. The average cost for renting apartments ranges from $1300 to $2000. Keep that in mind before deciding to come here.

    Picture of keys hanging from the door
    Housing is the most expensive of all the costs


    The cost of everything in LA is higher than the national average, and utilities are no different. You will be paying around $130 per month for electricity, water, and heat. The internet bill will be around $70 per month. The good thing about Los Angeles is that you won’t need heating due to the mild weather. One way you can cut costs is to find a roommate to split the bills with, but that comes with its pros and cons.


    The monthly expenses on groceries will depend on where you choose to shop. After you discover your neighborhood, you will know where the best stores are. Luxury healthy food stores will be more expensive, especially if you plan to shop there regularly. Regular grocery stores are cheaper but still more expensive than in other cities in the USA. You should expect to spend around $250 monthly per person. With the prices of everything rising, you might even have to budget $500 monthly for groceries.

    Picture of vegetables on a shelf
    Groceries can turn out expensive if you shop in expensive stores


    Taking everything that was previously said into consideration, you can see that you shouldn’t consider moving if you haven’t managed to save before moving to LA. The ideal solution would be to save three months’ worth of rent, utilities, and groceries. This way you won’t have to worry about money as much at least after you finish moving with some movers in Burbank CA. We wish you good luck and successful saving!

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