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How do military families move with ease?

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It is common that military families move due to a permanent change of station, also known as a PCS. Even though this might be exciting in a good or bad way, there are things that can be done to improve your moving experience. Planning according to the regulations can have great benefits for your military move, like saving you some time and money.

A soldier sitting on a chair wondering about military family moves
Military family moves can be quite stressful, but that can be mitigated with adequate preparation.

Calling the Personal Property Office is a great start for organizing military families move

Call your Personal Property Office, once you receive your orders and set up an appointment. Do some research before going to the appointment. Military regulations and your new duty might affect your move significantly. The PPO can aid you in your research since they have materials that would be helpful to you. Moreover, information about basic entitlements and responsibilities is available both physically and online in the “It’s Your Move” pamphlet. Additionally, some movers in Burbank CA, could also provide you with relevant information.

Contact sponsor to get more helpful information

Your new command will assign a sponsor to assist you in your transition to the new duty station and command. However, contact your new command if your sponsor hasn’t reached out to you for a long while. They will help you before you make arrangements for the move. Learn about the contents of the command’s website if it has one. The information on it might help you with the entire decision process. Furthermore, you’ll get to know what items you cannot use at your new duty station.

Having a sponsor is essential when moving overseas or to a remote location. The sponsor will inform you about host-country considerations and less apparent distinctions of your new location. A long distance moving companies Los Angeles can also assist you along this process.

Consider the option of moving yourself

Consider organizing a personally procured move (PPM). Basically, you would receive the money that would otherwise go to the contractor from the government. A properly planned PPM will make you worry less about the state of your items since you’ve handled them. However, you will be responsible if anything is damaged if you haven’t organized and completed your PPM successfully. Therefore, it would be a safer bet to find professional Southern California movers to handle this move for you. To make sure it goes well, keep an eye on it when possible. Also, know the regulations and arrange everything that is required prior to the moving day.

Figuring out entitlements helps military families move a lot easier

There is a maximum weight that you can move at the government’s expense, which is based on your persona situation and rank. Bear in mind that you will have to pay for all charges connected to excess weight. Household Goods (HHG) fall within your weight entitlement and will be moved at no additional cost. Only a single vehicle may be shipped at the government’s expense. For more details, you should visit the Defense Transportations Regulations’ website. Also, make sure to sell, donate, recycle, or throw away your unwanted items to meet the weight entitlement more easily.

A women looking at a laptop
Although daunting at first, getting everything set up for the military move makes you breathe a whole lot easier

Leave your place in good condition and handle the required paperwork

Whether you are renting or owning your apartment, make sure to leave it clean and in excellent condition. Doing so will leave a good impression on potential renters/buyers. Guess how much time do you need to prepare your property and set your moving date accordingly.

Makes sure to take care of the paperwork that leads up to the moving itself. Verify that you have adequate copies of your PCS orders stored in a safe place. Pay special attention to the following:

  • Video or photo documentation of your inventory
  • Insurance policies in addition to the ones provided as part of your move
  • Power of attorney/letter of authorization
  • Appraisals of high-value items.

Sort all of these things out as they are of the greatest importance for this type of move.  Not only will you save a lot of time by doing proper preparation, but you could ultimately end up earning some money. Following this advice will help military families move with a lot less stress, and help you organize the entire moving process.

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