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Hire professionals to move your pool table in Denver

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Planning to move requires a lot of preparations and it can be really exhausting. If you are planning to move and it is not an option to give up on your pool table, you should be prepared for some extra work. It can be really tricky to pack and relocate it. You will be needing some help because it is extremely heavy. Pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. You can hire some reliable movers to help you move your pool table in Denver. You can do it yourself but you need to prepare well, and you will be needing some pair of hands to handle this bulky item.

Prepare to move your pool table in Denver

In order to relocate successfully a pool table you really need to be prepared. You will be needing more time than for the other items. So, take your time and go step by step:

  • disassemble it
  • measure all the hallways to see if the table can pass through
  • you will be needing some packing supplies to move your pool table in Denver
  • rent a moving truck
  • hire reliable movers or make a group of friends that will help you

Do not try to do it alone, you can end hurt and you do not need that when you are about to move. Call your friends and ask for help if you really do not want to hire a moving company. You will be needing appropriate packing supplies, but most importantly, you will be needing some tools such are a power drill, screwdrivers, socket wrenches, etc.

pool table movers
Pool tables are very heavy so you will be needing all the possible help.

Disassemble it

A pool table is really heavy and massive, so you should disassemble it before packing. Make sure you have the right tools. First, remove the table’s six-ball pockets. You need to take out the staples that keep them in place. Then you need to put off the pool table’s side rails, unscrew them and gently remove each side rail. You should put in a Ziplock bag all the screws and bolts so they don’t get lost. Label each bag to know what goes where when reassembling it. If you are living in the apartment, it will be a real challenge to handle the pool and carry it through all the hallways and doorways. So, it would be a good idea to hire apartment movers Denver residents recommend. Then will disassemble it and load it onto the moving truck.

packing a pool table
Make sure you pack properly all the parts of your pool table to prevent damage.

When you have moved ball pockets and side rails it is time to remove the felt. It is stapled down to the table so you need to use a staple remover and remove each staple. Do it carefully so you don’t damage the felt. When the felt is removed you can start disassembling the rest of the pool table. And now it is time to remove the pool table’s slates. They are extremely heavy, this is where you will be needing all the help you can get. The slates will probably be screwed in, so you need to unscrew them first and then remove them. In the end, you need to remove the pool’s legs.

When this is done, you can prepare for packing. You can rely on pool table movers Denver CO resident always recommend but if you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you have enough packing supplies. Gather packing supplies and you can start.

Move your pool table in Denver – time to pack and find a moving truck

If you are moving your pool table without the help of professional movers, you will need to gather packing supplies on your own. Make sure you have plenty of moving blankets. Wrap each part of the pool table in moving blankets and bubble bags too, for better protection. Take special care of the pool’s slates. These parts are extremely heavy and delicate. Wrap everything and secure it with packing tape. Then you can load a moving truck. This also requires certain skills. You can search for the packing services Denver residents usually recommend. Pool table parts are heavy, especially the slates. So, you need to be very careful and prepared for the packing. If you hire professional movers, they will pack it for you.

When the packing is finished, you need to move the pool to the moving truck. It is important to find a moving truck of the right size. Measure your pool table and then contact several moving companies to check their offers so you can find the truck that suits your needs and budget.

moving trucks
Measure your pool table so you can find a moving truck that suits your needs.

Hire professionals to help you

Hiring professional movers is a smart move. People usually avoid hiring a moving company because it seems to them too expensive and they want to save some money. It is understanding you don’t want to spend a fortune on your move, but when you have some delicate items like a pool table you should consider that option. There will be no need for searching the packing supplies and tools, moving trucks, and storage units. If you hire reliable movers they will be able to offer you all of that. They are equipped with different kinds of tools, packing materials and they have already a vehicle to complete your move.

Reliable movers are skilled and well-trained. They will pack your belongings in an efficient and safe way. They can provide you with full services including, disassembling and reassembling, packing and unpacking your belongings, loading and unloading moving a truck, etc. And not only that, reliable movers will offer you insurance. Do the research to find reliable movers. You will save your nerves and energy.

Use these tips to move your pool table in Denver. Be extremely careful to prevent injuries. Apply appropriate lifting techniques and make sure you have the right tools.

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