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Hidden costs of moving and ways to avoid them

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Moving is a big event in everyone’s life. With all the excitement and stress, people sometimes get carried away and don’t think about their budget. Some don’t even set a moving budget, which is mostly a mistake. Having a set budget will help you stay in the planned range and spend just on the necessities, like hiring some cleaning services Los Angeles. But how can you do that when you will encounter hidden costs of moving? The first step to accomplishing this is to hire movers then give you a list of all the fees before the move even begins. If you want to learn what the hidden costs are and how to avoid them, keep on reading.

Hidden costs of moving – packing supplies

Regardless of whether you do it with help or alone, in order to pack you will need packing supplies. Buying moving boxes Los Angeles and other supplies quickly add up to the costs. Even though it might seem like it’s not much, just think about the number of supplies you will need. All the boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. Count this into your moving budget and try to find cheaper or even free supplies. Believe it or not, it is possible.

Person preparing moving supplies to avoid hidden costs of moving
Even though it might not sound expensive, moving supplies add up on costs fast

Connection and termination fees

A local move might not include this, since you can keep using the same providers and just change the address. But when moving to Hawaii from California, you will have to do this, which is often one of the hidden costs of moving. Once you move, close the existing and open new accounts for:

  • Power
  • Gas
  • Phone
  • Internet

Doing this means that you will pay premature closing fees, deposits, enrolment, set-up, and connection fees. All these things add up to your moving costs, so count them into your moving budget. Also, call the utility provides weeks before the move to have everything settled.

Eating and sleeping during moving day

Depending on the distance you are traveling, your move with one of the full-service movers Los Angeles may take from one to a few days. Food and sleep during that time are mandatory. Because of this, you will have to book accommodation and plan the budget for the meals. Chances are that you won’t have access to a kitchen until you move in. And that means that you will have to pay for every meal you eat.

Plan a budget for emergency storage to avoid hidden costs of moving

Even though you have planned everything, doesn’t have to mean that all will go by your plan. What if the current tenants don’t vacate the property on time? What will you do with your items? Having a backup plan is always a good idea. Look for storage facilities before hiring one of the commercial movers Los Angeles to be prepared for every scenario. You can rent storage facilities for just a few weeks before the problems get solved.

Person writing in a planner
Having a backup plan is always smart


As with all the hidden costs of moving, people don’t really think about this one. But you will need a place for the movers to park once they arrive. That’s why you need to ask questions related to parking like:

  • Do you require a parking permit?
  • For how long can you park?
  • How much would private parking cost?

Asking these questions will inform you about the parking situation, and you will know how much you need to pay in order to have a parking space.

Replace the items that got damaged, lost, or you got rid of during decluttering

In almost every packing guide, you will see decluttering as a tip. And it is like that for a good reason. You will have fewer items to pack, and your movers will have less to transport, which will cause lower costs. Items getting damaged or lost during a move are something that can happen. You will probably want to replace those items, and you will have to pay for that. You will have to pay more if you have many items that were unlucky. Also, getting rid of expired or almost done toiletries before moving will leave you having to buy new ones post move in. All these things separated are small expenses, but once put together they can end up being an extensive amount of money. And if you don’t plan them, they can come as a shock.

Costs of redecorating

Once you have moved in, you might feel like the new place doesn’t really feel like home yet. And you will probably want to redecorate. Depending on what you plan to do, redecorating can turn out quite expensive. But once done, your new place will feel like home and a place of tranquility. Plan these expenses into your moving budget, if you plan to do it soon after moving in. This way you will have a guideline of how much you have to put aside for this. But if you don’t want to hurry with redecorating, or you just cannot afford it now, don’t worry. Redecorating is not something of crucial importance for most people, as the utility services for example. You can spend time in a room which color of the walls you don’t like, but you won’t really enjoy a place that doesn’t have heating during freezing temperatures. Take your time and relax, you will be able to decorate and set up everything once the circumstances are right. After all, you are probably there to stay for some time.

Roller placed in white paint
If you cannot do it right away, redecorating can wait

Hidden costs of moving – conclusion

As you can see, there are quite a few hidden costs of moving. And imagine you don’t prepare for them properly, and you are unlucky enough to encounter them all. Chances are that you will be is some financial trouble post-move in, which will cause you moving day stress. And we all know that stress should be avoided at all costs, so why risk it? We wish you good luck in avoiding the hidden costs!

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