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Helping your child design their new room in LA

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    Relocation can be stressful, especially for children. Everything is changing, and they need to feel at home at their new house. The best thing to help them feel that way is to help your child design their new room. It will help them connect to their new home, and your kids will be happier. While you are probably busy with more complicated tasks like the whole process to ship a car from California to New York, you need to make time to help your kids design their room. It can be a great family activity!

    Help your child design their new room by choosing the right paint

    One of the most important things in any room is the color of it. It can make the kids room bright and colorful. Get some samples and let your kid choose a color they like. You can help them to choose and navigate them depending on the color of the furniture and linen. You can even go and choose new linen with your kids, as one of the things you can do after the move to LA. Choose the paint wisely, and make sure your kid loves it.

    paint that will help your child design their new room
    Help your kids to choose a wall paint they will love

    Decorating walls in kids room can be fun

    One of the most interesting things you can do after you move and start helping your kids to decorate their new room is decorating the walls. There are a lot of different ways of how you can decorate walls. You can use wallpapers to make the room more personal. You do not have to put wallpapers on all 4 walls. For example, you can put wallpaper on one, and decorate the rest differently. Also, you can add murals, wall stickers to add some personal touch. Decorating kid’s new room can be fun, you can even let them paint on the walls.

    When your child design their new room help them with the flooring options

    One of the important things when you are decorating children new room is the flooring. You can choose different things, but in case you want to change the floors, you should do it before Los Angeles Transfer and Storage brings all the furniture. You can put a new carpet, laminate or wood floors. And you can always add rugs, that can be a great addition to kids’ room. The rug can be in different shapes, colors and you can even decorate kids new room by choosing a theme.

    kid in a room on a rug
    You can help your kids choose a rug they will love


    Lighting is also important

    Although lighting isn’t something your kids’ will pay attention to in the beginning, you can help them to choose some lamps they will love. If you are moving with a baby, you can use some night light that will make the room comfortable. And if you have older kids you can choose wall lights in different lights and shapes. Depending on what your children like, there is a great offer of different types of light for kids room. You can show all these options to your children and help them design their new room!

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