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Help kids adjust to a new LA home

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For you, as an adult, moving can be hard and challenging. You are moving with a certain goal in mind. However, children are a different story altogether. They only know everything is changing. Needles to say, it can be traumatic. Of course, we do not doubt that you will do everything in your power to mitigate the hardships. However, when you’re trying to help kids adjust to a new LA home, you need to be mindful of one thing: the adjustment is a process. It starts long before you begin searching for affordable moving companies Los Angeles to help you with the relocation. And it takes a while after settling in. So here are some useful tips to help make your children’s (and your) transition easier.

Keep your spirits up

Children are insanely perceptive. And not only that. They are also empathetic. Make sure they see you excited about the move and in a good mood. It will easily brush upon them. Before long, your enthusiasm will become theirs, and vice versa. It’s an enchanted circle of positive energy that is certain to benefit your entire family and make moving easier.

Help kids adjust to a new LA home by keeping their spirits up.
Let your kids see you excited and happy about the move. It won’t be long before they start sharing your enthusiasm.

Make sure they get the good first impression

You can expect your kids to be a bit cranky after the trip. It is perfectly normal and understandable. It will be hard to impress them at this point. Hard – but not impossible. Therefore, make sure your new home is ready when you arrive:

  • Find someone to thoroughly clean your new house or apartment. If you already know a few neighbors, ask them what cleaning services Los Angeles they recommend. Shiny, clean, well-aerated, and fragrant house will certainly make your kids feel welcome.
  • If you’re moving into the house with the yard, make sure it’s mowed and ready for a good round of running. Nothing incites the wish to play more than a beautiful lawn.
  • Call your internet and cable provider well ahead of time. Arrange for their services to be available the moment you arrive. That way your kids can have some fun, watch cartoons or play their favorite video-games while your movers are helping you unload and unpack.

Give them a tour of the new home

Children are extremely imaginative. And you can use that to help kids adjust to a new LA home. Encourage them to explore. Let them take a peek at every nook and cranny. Even better – make a game out of it. Hide and seek in an empty house can be fun for the whole family. You can make a treasure hunt with small rewards, such as candy or medals that you conveniently made out of excess cardboard after packing.

Kids adjust to a new LA home faster if you give let them explore it from top to bottom.
Well… We never said you have to give them a WALKING tour of the house.

Good communication is key to fast adjustment

Keep talking to your kids throughout the entire moving process. Answer their questions and describe your ideas in vivid detail. Ask for their opinion: how would they paint the walls, how to arrange furniture, where would they like their bed. Ask them anything and everything. Let them pitch their ideas. It will make them feel included instead of feeling like passive bystanders with no say in the matter. And their ideas and solutions can often prove to be better than yours. Don’t be surprised when that happens. Kids are funny that way.

Kids adjust to a new LA home easier if they have their toys

The transition period will take its toll on your children. To recuperate, they will need a safe space. A place that will be warm and cozy and where they will feel right at home. Therefore, it is a good idea to unpack their room first. Set everything up, and urge them to participate. It might take a bit more time but, hey – it’s important that they like it. Also, you should have one box of their favorite toys packed last so you can unpack it first. And immediately upon arrival. Adjusting is much easier with Hugzie or Mr. Snuggles around.

Explore the neighborhood

Upon arrival at your new place, you can expect your kids to be a bit anxious. It is perfectly understandable. Everything is foreign. And unknown can be intimidating. However, you can prepare them for the new environment even before you arrive. Ask them to Google the new city and look at the images. Or use Google Maps and it’s Street View option to give them a virtual tour of the new neighborhood. Let them make a list of all the sights and places they would like to visit. It will keep their attention for a while and, once you arrive, they will be able to recognize some of the features of the new street or city. Therefore they will have some sense of familiarity.

Utilize internet to help kids adjust to a new LA home - before they even set foot in it.
Encourage your kids to research their new neighborhood. Therefore, once they arrive, it will feel familiar.

Still, take some time to give them a real tour. It doesn’t have to be much. A short walk up and down the street, or around the block will go a long way toward mitigating their anxiety. And if you happen to conveniently come across the playground (which you should, after a quick web search), let them play for a bit. They can end up making friends, and so can you. It would certainly be a great start to your new life.

Move-in party is a great way for your kids to meet new friends

Nothing will make your kids adjust to a new LA home faster than loads of fun and a ton of new friends. Therefore, once you settle in – throw a move-in party. Invite your new neighbors, especially those with children. It will give both you and your kids the opportunity to socialize and make new friends. And before you know it, it will be like the move never happened.

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