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Help friends find quality movers in Seattle

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It’s never easy to move, let alone to organize a relocation. Millions of people move every year across the United States. Therefore, it’s a skill to organize it so that it goes smoothly, without any issues. However, to achieve that goal, you often need a little help from friends. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation to help friends find the right movers, there are things you should know. It’s good and useful to be informed about every step in the process. In this article, you can read everything you need to know to help friends find quality movers in Seattle.

How to help friends find quality movers in Seattle?

If your friends are preparing to take a leap and move, there are some things you can do to help them. One of them is to help them find one of the best moving companies in Washington if that’s needed. Alongside, there are many useful tips on how to help your friends find quality movers.

Making a moving inventory will help your friends find quality movers in Seattle

There are ways your friends can easily determine whether they’ll be hiring a reputable moving company. One of the ways for them to choose the best professional movers Seattle is to ask for a moving inventory. Based on the inventory of all their belongings, a moving company will determine the bulk and weight of their move. Either it’s in person or through a virtual survey. A reliable and quality mover should be thorough and check all of the storage places. For instance, drawers, cupboards, garages, and bookcases. However, make sure your friends understand this estimate and that the estimate is as accurate as possible.

A pen on a notebook
One of the ways to help friends find quality movers in Seattle is to make a checklist of their inventory.

Getting a thorough walk-through is important

If you want to help your friends find quality movers in Seattle, tell them the following. A quick walk-through without noting what they plan to move is not acceptable. Especially if they are moving long distance. Just the contrary, a good estimator will ask them questions about what they plan to take from their current house. Therefore, make sure your friends are prepared to tell the estimator which items they don’t want on the truck. As for the items they don’t want to move, they can give them away, donate, or organize a yard sale. Or they can simply leave them behind for the new owners.

Another way to help friends find quality movers is to point them to some red flags

If your friends don’t have the experience, it’s easy to fall into some of the usual traps, sort of speak. But that’s the part where you can help them to avoid common moving mistakes.

Paying a large deposit isn’t a good option

Your friends should know that no reputable movers will demand cash or a large deposit before moving. Also, let your friends know that they should only pay upon delivery. Because if they pay in advance, they’ll have no control over when they’ll see their belongings again. This is often one of the most common moving scams. Finally, advise them to use a credit card to help protect them from possible fraudulent activity.

A blank moving contract should be avoided

Another way to help your friends find quality movers in Seattle is to advise them never to sign a blank contract. They must sign a moving contract and get everything in writing. The things that should be listed in the moving contract are the mover’s estimate and any extra fees. As well as the pick-up and delivery dates of their relocation. Also, tell them to read carefully their contract and to make sure all of their belongings are on the list. It’ll help them later if any problem occurs, as they’ll be able to file a claim if something’s missing.

A person signing a contract
Your friends should read their moving contract carefully before signing it.

Your friend should look out for extra fees

Every relocation is different. While some people are moving into a two-story house, others are moving from a 10th-floor apartment. These situations will probably be charged extra, as the movers have to negotiate elevators and stairs. If a moving truck won’t fit in your narrow street, that could also cause more expenses. Therefore, if your friends have something particular about their relocation, they should be aware of extra fees and expect a surcharge. That’s why your friends must ask their movers about any additional costs that may apply to their situation.

More useful advice for your friends to find the best movers

  • When it comes to packing, if your friends pack themselves, the movers won’t be responsible for any damage. However, if they book packing services, make sure your friends ask about the packers’ experience first. Of course, most packers are careful, but they’d want to avoid a chance of getting their items broken or ruined.
  • Some moving companies do their business under a variety of names. So, help out your friends and don’t let them make this kind of mistake. They should always check whether the company has a local address, license, and insurance. Also, another way to check up on a particular moving company is by calling their phone. Their employees should always answer the phone, saying the full name of their company and business. Also, your friends should search online to see if there are any complaints about the moving company in question. Finally, your friends could call the consumer complaints hotline at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That way, they could find out more about the moving company’s history.
A magnifying glass on a keybord
Tell your friends to thoroughly check the moving company they plan to hire.

The conclusion

As you could see, it’s not that hard to help friends find quality movers in Seattle. All they have to do is to be careful and follow your advice. That way, they will be ready for a new chapter in their lives.

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