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Guide to pricing yard sale items in LA

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    Living in LA is a dream for many, even though it is quite expensive. The cost of living is 7% higher than the state average and 51% than the national average. In a fact, Los Angeles is the fourth most expensive city in the world. As popular as it is, with close to 4 million residents, many people started leaving metropolitan areas amid the Covid pandemic. This resulted in a busy season for relocation assistance Los Angeles providers. Garage and yard sales are organized before moving, mostly to get rid of items and earn some money. If it is your first time doing this, you might want to learn about pricing yard sale items in LA.

    When pricing yard sale items in LA, you need to follow a few rules

    Pricing second-hand items can be tough. You don’t want to ask too much for them, but you also can’t give them out for free. You might not earn much, but it can at least cover some expenses, like paying for renting climate controlled storage Los Angeles. But taking into consideration that you are pricing yard sale items in LA, can you put a more valuable price tag on them? Even though it is an expensive area, the items that you are selling would end up in the trash otherwise, so how much should you ask for them? Follow some of the rules below:

    • Check out the prices at other sales
    • Ask for a higher price if the item still has a tag on it
    • Haggle
    Picture of a brown price tag on a white surface
    You need to find a balance when pricing items

    Check out other sales

    With so many people moving daily, yard sales are organized every weekend. A good way to start learning about pricing is by visiting other sales. Even though there are plenty of tips online, as per the 10% rule you should form your prices according to your area. If all the neighboring sales offer cheaper items, no one will attend yours. You shouldn’t let that happen, since your goal is to ease your moving load for some moving services Los Angeles providers and earn some cash along the way.

    Ask for more if there is a tag

    Many households have items that were never used. People decide to get rid of them only once they hired some residential moving companies Los Angeles CA to save money. While it is a bad thing in general, it is good for a yard sale. These items are more valuable since they are treated like new. Feel free to ask 30 to 40% of the price you paid and rest assured that someone will get a good deal. Put these items aside and label them, so that they can easily be extinguished from the other items.


    Even though haggling is more popular among buyers, sellers can also use the technique. You put the price tags, so you can change them as you see fit. Many people will try to lower your prices, don’t be afraid to counter them. Use haggling techniques at the end of the sale, once you are left with only a few items that you won’t mind saying goodbye to for a lower price.

    Picture of black and red sale labels
    Pricing yard sale items in LA can be tricky

    Pricing yard sale items in LA will be easier every time

    Moving and pricing yard sale items in LA seem like they will never get easier, but they do with time. Every next time you will have more experience. But that doesn’t apply to moving specialty items, like pianos. These are expensive items, that cannot take the risk, so you should always hire some piano movers Los Angeles. We wish you good luck and a successful sale!

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