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Guide to moving with a pet

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When it comes time to move, you are not the only one surviving the change. If you have a pet, you must take care that he also feels moving next to you and requires certain preparations. If you are confused about how to move with your pet, try one of the best Southern California movers, and your move will go exactly as you imagined. Moving with a pet can be an easy thing if you organize yourself well and prepare.

Why is a moving company good when moving with a pet?

Long-distance moving companies Los Angeles are a great thing for anyone who wants to move. Relocating your pet is usually your job because you will certainly not allow someone to take it to your new address. In fact, it is highly recommended that you be with your pet on a moving day at all times so that everyone is happy and satisfied. A moving company is a great thing because it will do almost all the work for you, and you will be able to dedicate yourself to other things as well as your pet.

Of course, if your pet has its own house, aquarium, or something else, the moving company will be happy to adequately pack it and move it to a new location. It is important to start moving your pet’s old things with you, as well as the part where he spent the most time so that any pet will feel approximately the same in the new home at the beginning. Try movers in Burbank CA, and make sure the move can go without stress and nervousness for both you and your pet!

The most common pets and how to move?

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Parrots
  • Fish
  • Snakes and lizards
  • Spiders
  • Chinchillas, rabbits, and mice


The dog is known to be the most common pet of humans. Even though dogs like outdoors, in big cities they spend most of their lives in the house/apartment with their human. When the time comes to moving you have to think about their good, too. Considering that they are a huge part of your life, a new place for a living should be as adapted to them as possible. Moving with a dog is as stressful as you allow it to be. It is your duty to make it as easy as possible for the dog to move, which will mean a lot to you in the future.

Two dogs lying on the grass
Prepare your dog for moving!

Before moving, it would not be bad to visit an empty apartment with a dog so that your pet can gradually get to know it and at the same time leave its scents. It is also important to take your pet’s favorite toys to a new home to make them feel safer. If the dog had his favorite crib or blanket, be sure to bring it with you. You need to find a part of the apartment that the dog will experience as its territory. That means a lot to the dog – he feels the best and safest there.


Cats are the second most common type of pet. As you all know, a cat is the complete opposite of a dog but it also has its own needs and habits. Although cats sometimes seem uninterested, they certainly have their favorite toys and places where they like to spend time. Make sure you pack it all for them. Provide a comfortable conveyor in which your cat will be during the move. As for the new home, you can adjust it to make it easier for you than in the previous one if your pet knew how to jump to parts where he was not allowed to. Moving with a pet like a cat is quite simple and calm.


Parrots are also easy to move because they take up little space and are not overly demanding. The cage in which he spends most of his time is essential to make sure it is protected, locked, and adequately loaded so that there is no stress for your parrot. If you haven’t changed your cage in a long time, maybe now is the time to make sure that the house is safe for your feathered friend.


Many people own fish. However, they are one of the most demanding pets to move. An aquarium is something that will make you a big problem when moving. However, that is why there are relocation companies. Professionals will do everything right and guarantee the safety and security of the house for your fish. Before you find a new home, make sure there is space in it where your aquarium will fit. Fish usually like brighter places, so make sure to place them somewhere near a window or a bright part of the house.

Taking fish out of the aquarium when moving with a pet
Take care of your fish

Snake and lizards

Very similar thing to a fish owner. Transport of the aquarium or tank is waiting for you. The glass parts must be maximally protected so that the box is safe and secure even at the new address. You decide how you want the animal itself to be transported to the new address. Your pet-Your rule! Keep in mind that animals generally do not like driving for hours, so it is more advisable to find another solution.


Rodents or furry friends

If you own a rabbit, chinchilla, or some kind of mouse, the most important thing when moving with your dear pet in this case is the transport of the animal itself. These are very timid animals that do not like noise, shocks, stress, and panic. That is why it is most important to provide them with safe and peaceful transport to the new location. Your furry pets will enjoy the new address from the beginning only if they felt good and calm during the transport. It would not be bad to be with them when driving, as you would feel safe.

Happy couple enjoy with a pet on sofa
Enjoy in new house with your pet!

Moving with a pet has never been easier! It is up to you to prepare and organize well. You know your pet and his needs best. Make sure this move is good and stress-free for you but also for them. Good luck and enjoy yourself with your pet at the new location!

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