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Guide to moving temperature-sensitive items safely across CA

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    Having to move is stressful enough. However, it’s nothing compared to moving temperature-sensitive items. Especially if you are going to do it across California. Even if you take all the necessary precautions, you will surely need help from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage to make it come true. No, we are not over exaggerating! The fact of the matter is that temperature-sensitive items require really specific conditions in order to not become unusable, inedible, or damaged. Things that fall into this category include:

    • Certain appliances
    • Food
    • Medicine
    • Paintings and vinyl records

    How to deal with appliances?

    First of all, you should contact appliance movers Los Angeles to see what you should do. With their expertise, you will be able to safely move the appliances in question without worrying that they might get damaged. That said, the best way to prepare your appliances for the process of moving temperature-sensitive items is by wrapping the plug into a material that will keep it safe from environmental factors that might damage it. Do you remember when you bought that fridge and it came with a cord that was wrapped in a plastic bag? Well, that plastic bag protects it from damages since it is very temperature-sensitive. That is why you should do it too.

    See these? They have to be carefully protected because they can render your appliance useless if they get damaged.

    If you fail to do this, you may end up with an appliance that is completely unusable! And, amidst the move, who wants to go out and buy a new fridge, right? In fact, nobody wants to get in a situation where they just relocated and now have to buy all new appliances!

    How to go about moving temperature-sensitive items like food and medicine?

    If you absolutely have to move food that is stored in your fridge, there are certain solutions for that. Even though moving your food isn’t something we would advise. But if you really want to make that pot roast once you finish unpacking, we can’t stop you! So, what you want to do is to find an insulated box and put all of your food there. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to go to the climate-controlled storage Los Angeles you rented out and put it there until you finish the move. The temperature there should be enough to keep it from spoiling while you have your hands full with the move.

    When it comes to medicine, that is pretty straightforward. Whatever medicine you need to keep at hand, you should carry with you during the move. Other medicine should be stored in the bottles in which it came and preferably in a dark and dry place. This will be enough to protect it from temperature variations.

    Last but not least – paintings and vinyl records

    These two are the biggest issues when moving temperature-sensitive items. Both of those are highly temperature-sensitive and need to be kept under very specific conditions in order to arrive at your chosen destination in one place. Of course, Los Angeles interstate movers are going to take care of that job. But, it’s up to you to find the perfect way to protect them from the environment!

    Vinyl records
    Vinyl records are very hard to maintain. That is why they are among the biggest problems when moving temperature-sensitive items.

    Of course, there are a lot of other belongings that fall into the category of moving temperature-sensitive items aside from these we’ve listed. For instance, your computer. You have to find the smart way to move your computer to the new home. Once you have done that, you are pretty much good to go. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you will have a joyful relocation!

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