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Guide to moving a TV into storage

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    TV is one of the most difficult items for long-term storing. The older TV versions, which were bulky, you could pack in an ordinary box. Of course, wrapping it properly for protection. However, such TVs are rare nowadays. The new LCD and LED models however need different packing. It is best if you can use the original box the TV came in. The original boxes have foam pieces that are custom-made for your TV. With them, your TV will be best protected. If you do not have the original box, the best is to look for relocation assistance Los Angeles. They will know the right way for moving a TV into storage.

    Lot of cables connected to a TV set.
    Take picture of your TV before you remove all power cords and cables.

    Prepare your TV for moving into storage

    • Take picture of your TV. Do it before you remove all power cords and cables. Especially if you plan to keep it longer in storage. Having a picture, you will connect cables faster later. Also, remove the stand. Also, try to find the instructions that came with the TV.
    • Clean your TV before packing. Do it using a vacuum cleaner, but put the soft cloth in between them. Never touch the TV directly with a cleaner. Also, clean the cables.
    • When you finish wrapping your TV, place it gently inside the box. Do it carefully and slowly. That way you will prevent dropping it unintentionally.
    • What if you do not have the original box anymore? Los Angelis storage crew will advise you to protect the screen with bubble wrap.
    • Coil all cables and cords, secure them with a twist tie and pack them. So packed, keep them in the same box with TV.
    • Always keep in mind to avoid humidity and extreme temperatures.
    • Keep the TV upright. Do not store it on its back. It could damage the inside components. Storing it with the screen up, the screen might break.

    Before moving a TV into storage check the storage conditions

    Make sure the storing conditions are good. If moving from California to Colorado and intend to collect your TV later, make sure the storage is dry. Humidity and extreme temperatures are dangerous for any electronic device. Your TV included. So, make sure to rent a unit in the climate control storage.

    Place with lot of old TV sets on shelfs and bicycle in front of them, you find when moving a TV into storage.
    It is time to moving a TV into storage

    Make reservations of the right storage unit before the move

    Maybe you are moving your TV when relocating. Just want to keep it in storage until new home preparation. So, you will bring it in after all unpacking is done. That way your TV will be safer. And in such a case consider making reservations with storage units Denver. Your TV will be stored properly in their storage units.

    Time to move your TV into storage

    Now you know all about moving a TV into storage. Following the advice will make it easier for you to prepare your TV. And to pack it properly. It is time to actually store your TV. For this, you can use the storage of some moving and storage company. Or you can use some self-storage facilities. Whatever you choose, make sure the storage is climate controlled. Damage caused on your TV by improper storing cannot be undone.

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