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Moving from one place to another is never easy – no matter how near or far those two places are from each other. But it seems like the farther you are moving, the more difficult will your relocation be. That’s why moving to Seattle from Los Angeles is not an easy process, and everyone who is currently going through it can tell you the same thing. Worry not! With some tips from us here at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, every relocation becomes as easy as ABC. Even the one where you are moving to a completely different state.

Reliable movers are a must when moving to Seattle from Los Angeles

Do you really believe that transporting all of your items over such a long distance will be possible without any professional help? We are not talking about local relocation where you would move your items just down the block. Don’t get us wrong – even that would be a challenge. But relocating all of your items from one state to another always entails some pro guidance. In this instance, you need the best California to Washington movers money can buy!

A person working on a laptop.
Searching for reliable movers in your area is easy nowadays!

In your search for a reliable moving company, there’s one tool that will be of utmost help – the Internet. Search for movers in your area and make sure you obtain moving quotes from a couple of movers. Once you have your favorite, don’t forget to do a background check! It could save you from a lot of troubles, the biggest one being the risk of moving scams!

Create a schedule and stick to it

Let us ask you this – are you aware just how much work awaits before you can move to Seattle from LA? You will not only have to take care of shopping for packing supplies and packing up all of your belongings, but you’ll also have to deal with a number of seemingly simple tasks!

  • Getting a new driver’s license.
  • Transferring your kid’s school records.
  • Finding a new family physician.
  • Looking for a new vet.
  • Switching utilities to the new house.

And the list just goes on and on. Losing your head in all that mess and forgetting to take care of a task will be too simple! That’s why you need to sit down and create a schedule. Set a timeline for doing different tasks and actually stick to it. Otherwise, the fact that you took your time to create a to-do list won’t mean much!

A woman making a plan for moving to Seattle from Los Angeles.
Creating a plan is an easy part – but making sure you follow it won’t be as easy!

Choose your neighborhood wisely when moving to Seattle from LA

The look and curb appeal of your new house are very important. That goes without saying. But if you are thinking that falling in love with your new neighborhood isn’t just as important, well, then you are making a huge mistake. You can always do some renovation around your home and fix those things you are not happy with. But you won’t be able to do the same with the people around you. And the process of finding your perfect neighborhood starts with research!

Find a couple of neighborhoods where house prices are within your price range. Next, take a look at the crime rates, as well as the schools in the vicinity. Once you choose one to two favorites, make it your task to visit the neighborhood on a couple of occasions. Visit a place at least once on the weekend, and once during the workdays. It won’t be as good as living there but it will certainly give you an idea of what your new life will be like. Once you find the neighborhood where you can see yourself raising kids or thriving professionally, you can feel free to proceed to call residential movers LA.

Understand that the changes ahead might shock you at first

Any change, no matter how small it is, entails some adjustment. So can you imagine just how much of an adjustment you will need when moving to Seattle from Los Angeles? These two places are like apples and oranges! They might be located on the same coast but they sure seem to be worlds apart. That’s why you have to be ready for a pretty long period of melancholy and nostalgia. But don’t worry – those feelings are just temporary. As soon as you get used to Seattle’s rainy weather, you will hardly be able to remember LA’s constant sunshine. Even though it might seem otherwise at the moment.

Throw a farewell party for your loved ones

The reason why you might experience some sadness after moving isn’t that you will miss the four walls of your old home. It’s because you will miss the people that make one place into a home. You will miss your friends and family. But this is an inevitable part of any long-distance relocation.

Three champagne bottles.
Forget about your moving stress and have a fun night with your loved ones!

However, why would you ruin your days before the moving day crying over something that is bound to happen when you can throw a farewell party and make some great new memories? Don’t exasperate – Seattle is just a short flight away from LA, and your friends will able to visit you all the time. For now, order some food, buy some liquor, and have the night of your lives.

Enjoy your relocation to Seattle from LA while it lasts

After all, we only get a couple of those during a lifetime. Even though moving to Seattle from Los Angeles might seem both scary and exciting, try to focus more on the positive side. That’s the only way to have a successful moving day because if you spend your days stressed out, you can rest assured nothing good will come out of it! Although you shouldn’t completely disregard your moving tasks! Find the perfect balance between working and relaxing and your move is bound to go off without a hitch.

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