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Guide for storing a patio set

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    One of the benefits of having a large outdoor space is being able to organize fun outdoor activities for you and your loved ones, such as barbeque, pool parties, outdoor dinners, etc. If you are somebody who likes to host these kinds of events you certainly have quality furniture that is suitable to be outside. However, when the cold and rainy days arrive it is important to protect your furniture. One of the things that you can do is hire Los Angeles Transfer and Storage to help you preserve your furniture. Still, some other tricks can help you. We created the guide for storing a patio set that will help you protect it.

    Before storing a patio set clean it properly

    Whether you are using Los Angeles interstate movers to relocate you or you just want to store your patio set during the winter it is important to clean it properly before packing it. This is the most important step when storing your patio set as any left food, dirt, or mud can turn into mold. Outdoor furniture is made of different materials and they all have different types of maintenance. Make sure to disassemble it and clean it appropriately:

    • Wooden furniture- clean it using warm water and soup; be careful when cleaning it not to scratch it or damage it
    • Plastic furniture- clean it with water and dish soap
    • Cushions- if possible put them in the washing machine; if that is not possible use water and detergent and let it air dry
    A person cleaning a wooden table
    Before storing a patio set it is important to clean it properly

    Cover or use your patio set as indoor furniture

    To store your patio set you can use appliances movers Los Angeles to place it in the storage or you can use it as indoor furniture. In case you don’t have enough space to put it inside during the winter, consider storing it in your garage. To protect your furniture in the garage from mold and insects it is important to cover it. However, if you don’t have any inside space know that some of the materials can be left outside as they can stand low temperature. Aluminum and wooden furniture can be stored outside but they need to be under waterproof covers.

    Use storage units

    The safest way to store your patio set is to use climate controlled storage Los Angeles. Having your furniture in a temperature-controlled unit will protect it from freezing temperatures and humidity. Make sure to book your storage before the end of the summer, since these storages tend to get filled quickly at the end of the summer. Also, there is a wide range of sizes so make sure to choose the right one for your patio set. You would indeed have to spend money on the storage unit, but having your patio set protected for a longer time will be worth it.

    Storage units as the best place for storing a patio set
    Temperature-controlled storage units are the best place to store your patio set

    Storing a patio set properly during the winter is important. However, patio furniture cleaning and care throughout the year are important as well. That way you will have furniture for your outside events for many years.

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