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Great ways to spend family time after a move to Seattle

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Have you just moved, and you’re looking for ways to spend family time after a move to Seattle? We’re here to help you bond with your family again, after a stressful time. Now you can finally relax, not think about Moving Companies in Washington or other moving-related themes. Now’s your time to have free time and enjoy the beginning of your new life chapter. To find out what are the great ways to spend quality family time with your loved ones, keep on reading!

Start with familiar places

Since you probably didn’t have enough time to devote to your loved ones, between the phone calls to moving companies like Movers Seattle and packing your items – now’s the great time to turn over the new leaf and go for a quiet dinner.

burgers in restaurant
A familiar place will help you settle down more easily.

It will allow you all to just relax and process everything that has happened in the past couple of months. It would be good if you started easing into the “normal life” mode again by visiting a restaurant that you have visited in the past place. A familiar menu and interior will help you relax more. If you have kids, familiarity will help calm them down a lot as well.  You’ll have a nice atmosphere and know what to expect, nothing can go wrong.

Exploring nature as a quality family time after a move to Seattle

If you’re a nature lover, having a short hike or a walk around the lake will do wonders for your family. You can sit on the bench or have a picnic. Bring your favorite food and the toys for the kids and you’ll have a great time with your loved once in nature. Even riding a bike through the park will help you get in touch with yourself again. The green color is also known to relax people, which is a great reason for the whole family to visit green surfaces, forests, valleys, or similar places. Everyone takes a little time to snap out of “survival mode” which you get into while moving. You just get so overwhelmed by the numerous obligations that you don’t even notice how tense you become. A day out in nature will change that!

Visit your friends and family members

Who doesn’t love a good day with your closest friends or family? They will be delighted that you decided to spend time with them, and you’ll have an opportunity to talk through your emotions, talk about the Moving Boxes Seattle services, and the hardships that you had to overcome. Talking about those things will also help you spend quality time with your family where you all enjoy the company, food, and the atmosphere. Also, your friends and family are probably curious to see how you’re adapting to the place, so why not fill them in on the good news?

Have a movie marathon at your new home

Your new place may not be all set up, but you can always get a cozy blanket and snuggle with your loved ones. If you have kids, and even if you don’t, you might like to set up a blanket fortress and watch all the parts of Star Wars, Friends, or Harry Potter. Maybe you haven’t seen a new movie that you have heard so much about in the past couple of days – take your time to watch it.

snacks and family time after a move to Seattle
To spice up your movie night, serve all of your favorite snacks!

Movie ideas for a family time after a move to Seattle:

  • Friends
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Ice Age
  • Ghibli Studio Movies
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Lord of the Rings
  • X-Files
  • Doctor Who

Those are just some suggestions that you can enjoy!

Rent a home for a weekend getaway to have nice alone family time after a move to Seattle

Going to nature is always nice. Perhaps you want to get away a little further and have a whole place to yourself. That way, you can curl up with a good book on the balcony with the view in the morning. Maybe even go to a nice sightseeing place with your family. Going somewhere together always sparks up new conversations. New place, especially the ones in nature where you have all the peacefulness you want, can be beneficial for your relationships with the rest of the family members.

Find quality time at a local workshop

There are probably workshops of different kinds in the city that you’ve moved to. Whatever it is, if it can be done together – do it. From cooking to art workshops, even sports, there are numerous ways that you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Many of those classes are also interesting to children, and if it’s not highlighted – feel free to ask.

Catch a movie premiere to have fun family time after a move to Seattle

Going to watch a horror movie, comedy, or a romance on a big screen can render us speechless. It’s the same with a play, it just depends on what you and your family love. Catching a 3D cartoon is always a great way to lift the mood and share a laugh. Whichever way you choose to bond and spend the time with your family, it’s always a good choice to go to your favorite restaurant or patisserie at the end.

cinema seats
A cartoon in a cinema is always a good idea to lift the mood.

There are a plethora of ways to spend quality time with your family

After the move, everyone can be exhausted. Even if you hire a quality moving company that can help you move without any inconveniences. Quality family time after a move to Seattle should be something that everyone will enjoy. That can be a simple dinner at home, shopping,  movie night, or a picnic. It depends on you, and your family’s personal preference. Whatever you choose, just go slowly and build your way up while discovering Seattle!

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