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Going away party ideas and tips

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    Saying goodbye was and will never be easy. Especially when you have to say it to people you care about. But sometimes you have to do it, and there is definitely no better way to do it than with a going-away party. You will be in a better mood for a party if you let the best Los Angeles Transfer company take care of your relocation process. These parties are a good way to show people that you care about them while telling them the sad news that you are leaving. If you don’t have experience with planning parties, this guide has plenty of going away party ideas. Keep reading to find inspiration for your party.

    Make a guest list

    You can decide how many people you want to attend your party, and wheater it should be just friends or both friends and family. Before you are moving from California to Washington, make sure to include all of the people you care about.

    Person writing going away party ideas on sticky notes
    A guest list can help you keep count of how many people will attend your party

    Picking a party theme is one of the good going away party ideas

    If you are a fan of themed parties, this is your opportunity to shine! And you should definitely give one of the moving companies Orange Country the opportunity to shine too. You can have some fun by implementing some of the following party themes:

    • Destination themed party – you can show how excited you are about moving to a certain new place by using something characteristic to that place as the food or decoration at your party
    • A party that includes packing – put out everything that you would for a celebration, drinks, snacks, etc. But also add some packing materials, boxes, and things that need to be packed. This of all the going away party ideas will also get you some help while having fun.
    • Goodbye party – sometimes classic is the best route to go. Simply add some travel-themed decorations and enjoy the simplicity of it.

    Pick the place where you will celebrate

    Going away parties don’t have to always be at home. Instead, you can choose a venue where you can bring all your favorite people together. These types of parties aren’t usually something fancy, so don’t expect to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive restaurant. You also won’t have to pay a big amount of money if you move with one of the moving companies Burbank CA. A place like a bar or your favorite entertainment place will usually suffice.

    Ask for gifts that you actually need

    Everybody appreciates a gift, especially if it is a good one. A move is expensive, wheater it is a residential or a move with one of the office movers Los Angeles. Ask for presents like packing materials, gift cards, or anything else that could help you with your move.

    Picture of gift boxes
    Don’t feel shy to ask for things that you actually need

    Going away party ideas – conclusion

    We hope to have given you some going away party ideas to spice up your upcoming celebration. So put on those feel-good songs, and get to planning that amazing party. Good luck!

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