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Genius hacks and solutions for moving furniture to Seattle

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Moving your entire household is not an effortless task to do. That process also sometimes includes moving furniture. And we all know that some pieces can be very heavy and difficult to move. Apart from getting help from your friends or family members, we recommend hiring one of the professional movers Los Angeles. If hiring help is not on your to do list, then you need to come up with some clever solutions for moving furniture to make it easier. This guide will give you a few tips and tricks on how to make heavy furniture less difficult to move.

What are some genius solutions for moving furniture?

One of the easiest solutions for moving furniture you can pick are hiring some furniture movers Los Angeles. They know what they are doing, and they will do it for your from beginning to the end. But there are also some things that you can do by yourself, if you want to put your skills to the test. Some of them are:

  • Empty everything from the furniture first
  • Use towels and cardboard
  • Pull instead of pushing
  • Use magic sliders
  • Slide instead of lifting

Empty everything from the furniture first

While it might seem incredible, many people don’t think about this when moving to Seattle from Los Angeles. Sometimes it is logical to leave the things inside the furniture, to avoid having to pack more items. But the only thing that it does is making it heavier to maneuver. Take everything out and pack it in boxes. You can also go the extra step and detach any pieces that can be removed. But don’t forget to keep them close to the furniture piece they belong to, to avoid losing them.

Woman packing boxes and thinking about solutions for moving furniture
Empty everything from the furniture pieces to make it easier

Use towels and cardboard

Sliding the furniture across the bare floors can cause scratches. If you want to be 100% sure that your floors won’t get scratched, hire some moving services Los Angeles. To avoid scratches during a DIY move, put towels underneath if you have a bare floor, or cardboard if you have carpets. And if it’s difficult to lift the piece to do this, slightly rock your piece forward and backward for the material to slide under it.

Pull instead of pushing

While it seems natural to push a heavy piece of furniture, pulling is actually easier and more effective. Place your hands on either side of the piece and lower your body as if you were going to sit. Try it for yourself and see if it is easier this way!

Use magic sliders

We recommend putting magic sliders on every heavy piece of furniture as soon as you get it. Apart from making moving easier, it also makes cleaning and redecorating easier. Even thought they are more expensive than the felt pads, they are worth the price. Another thing that is worth the price is renting one of the Dupont WA storage. You items will be safe for as long as you want.

Solutions for moving furniture – slide instead of lifting

If it is a small piece of furniture that you are dealing with, lift it. But if it’s bulky and difficult to lift, simply slide it. Most people don’t know how to lift heavy weight safely, and can end up with bad injuries. If you have to lift something, use your legs instead of your arms and shoulders and try to keep your back as straight as possible.

Parents playing with their kid in a cardboard box
Improper lifting of heavy objects can result in bad injuries

Solutions for moving furniture – final thoughts

With our solutions for moving furniture, your heavy pieces will be moved with ease. But before attempting to move anything, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Do it only if you are completely certain that you can accomplish it. We wish you success and good luck!

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