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Explore Los Angeles like a local: Top tips

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Nobody wants to appear like a stranger, so services that allow you to look like a local are in high demand. There is no fun in looking at a guidebook after every step you take.  And is there a better way to understand a city than to explore what makes its residents tick? Where do they gather to eat, drink, laugh, and play? And then go and immerse yourself there, even for a short time? The only way to truly understand the dynamic of this vast metropolis you will need to explore Los Angeles like a local. Getting there is now simpler, more inexpensive, and more comfortable than ever. Thanks to the flights many airlines offer from places around the world. Your vacation begins the moment you step onto the plane, so plan your route using the map below and be prepared to experience Los Angeles like a local once you land. Many tourists after visiting come to the conclusion that moving to LA is a nice idea to consider. Will you be one of them?

The city of Angels

Southern California’s economic, monetary, and cultural hub is located in Los Angeles. It’s also the largest metropolis in California state and the second most densely populated metropolitan area in the United States. Second only to New York City. As well as and one of the most populated megacities in the world, with a population of about 3.9 million since about 2020. There are many affordable moving companies Los Angeles can offer. And there is no shortage of people interested to call it home. So it’s no surprise that the population keeps growing constantly.

A plane with a passenger on it that will explore Los Angeles like a local
In order to explore Los Angeles like a local, it’s best to first go from the airport to your accommodations. From there you can start by asking the staff for some recommendations.

The Mediterranean climate, cultural and ethnic mixture, Hollywood filmmaking industry, and the vast metropolitan region of Los Angeles are all well-known features. Los Angeles is located in a valley in Southern California that stretches from the Mountains of Santa Monica through the San Fernando Valley and borders the Pacific Ocean. It is the county seat of Los Angeles and has a total area of 469 sq miles. So with that in mind, there are many places that you can see. And the best way to do so is to explore Los Angeles like a local.

The Last Bookstore

Thank heavens, they are not the only bookshop remaining. But they are California’s biggest new and secondhand bookstore. Additionally, they are the only one with a 22,000-square-foot space. That includes a record shop, a comic book shop, and five art studios. As well as a gigantic yarn shop, well-known book tunnels, a mammoth head, plus surprising funkiness-filled nooks. There are also tombs and spirits because the bank building is 100 years old. You can’t explore Los Angeles like a local without coming here at least once!

The name was picked ironically, but it’s becoming more fitting as time goes on. Physical bookshops disappear like dinosaurs under the influence of Amazon & e-books. As they have done since day one, they continue to BUY, SELL, & TRADE. Tens of thousands of VINYL RECORDS and GRAPHIC NOVELS are also available in their shared space. Along with over 250,000 NEW and USED books on two floors, including the new Arts & Rare Book Annex. Many people that employed residential moving companies Los Angeles CA have found themselves in this beautiful shop.

Griffith Park

Two of Los Angeles’ most iconic monuments, the Griffith Park Observatory as well as the Hollywood sign, are located in Griffith Park. Explore Los Angeles like a local and discover a new aspect of this well-known destination. According to the local tour planners, the two monuments are connected by miles of challenging hiking routes that will leave you feeling like you are far away from the city. You might even come across some Los Angeles animals, like hawks, coyotes, and deer!

How can you contact moving services Los Angeles, and plan a move without planning some exploring destinations? This is a perfect way to get to know the city. And don’t miss the Griffith Park Observatory as this is the entrance to space for Southern California! The famous observatory offers visitors a variety of activities such as telescope viewing, exhibit exploration, live performances, as well as breathtaking views of the Hollywood Sign and Los Angeles.

A dark room with a moon imitation
Explore the wonders of space! This is an activity that a whole family will find nice and enjoyable. So don’t miss it.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

LACMA, which is pronounced “lack-ma,” is located on Museum Row, across from the La Brea Tar Pits, on a large campus. It is the biggest art museum in the western United States according to the locals. And its diverse collections include something for everyone. So go and explore Los Angeles like a local and don’t miss “Urban Lights.” A captivating outdoor exhibit of 202 old cast iron city lamps that is available round-the-clock.

The Barakat Family has had the good fortune to contribute to the creation of several most significant art galleries in the world over the past century. Currently, three sites across the world offer the collection’s artworks for sale and exhibition. The Beverly Hills location of the Barakat Gallery’s International Annex is 421 N. Rodeo. Directly across from Bijan, in the heart of the fabled Rodeo Drive. The Mayfair address of the main office is 58 Brook Street, right next to the Claridge Hotel.

The general public may visit any gallery from Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, or by appointment. So if you are interested in art or even wish to buy some you should do it. Even if you don’t have space in your home you can keep it in climate controlled storage Los Angeles. That way your art will be safe until you find the place for it.

Rose Bowl Flea

If you’re fortunate enough to be in Los Angeles on the second Sunday of each month, locals advise visiting Pasadena’s renowned Rose Bowl Stadium for the area’s largest flea market, which they claim is packed with hip items. The enormous market surrounds the well-known stadium and extends itself into the parking lots. Explore Los Angeles like a local and find everything from retro apparel to odd furniture to local artisans’ jewelry and paintings.

This marketplace is among the biggest in the entire world. It has 20,000 buyers per month and nearly 2,500 suppliers. One of the most well-known flea markets in the world is the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Now honoring 50 years of continuous triumph at Pasadena, California’s illustrious Rose Bowl. You will have a wonderful time whether you want to purchase or just browse.

A flea market stall
There are many things you can find here! And at some of the best prices, you could imagine. So it’s a place worth visiting.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is well-known throughout the world for being Southern Californians’ favorite playground by the water. It is particularly well recognized for its distinctive boardwalk along the seashore. The beach itself provides excellent surfing and sunning opportunities in addition to a wide range of entertainment options and dining establishments. There are some eccentric stores—and eccentric people—on the Venice Boardwalk. Along the boardwalk, entertainers and artists compete for your attention with a bustling collection of surf and gift stores.

Explore Los Angeles like a local, and ask them for recommendations on where to start because the area can be overwhelming (there is so much to see). Our tour guides advise seeing “Muscle Beach,” a skatepark, and the lovely residences near the Venice Canals. There are companies that offer services and packing materials like moving boxes Los Angeles, and that means you can save your energy in order to explore some of the breathtaking locations.

Angeles National Forest

Over 20 million residents of the Metropolitan Los Angeles Area call the forest their backyard playground. Whether it be in the high desert or the mountains. Explore Los Angeles like a local go see this 700,000-acre wonderland and aid in its preservation! A nice, surprising pastime in Los Angeles. According to locals, is hiking in the Angeles National Forest. But to go there, some preparation is necessary. You can start planning for it right after you call and get your moving quotes Los Angeles. And the best way to see the park, according to locals, is to drive up towards Mount Wilson Observatory. The location is magnificent even during the day, and you can always explore the wilderness through one of the many surrounding hiking paths.

Collums overlooking a park
There are many beautiful places to see in LA. Among the many beaches, there is also a beautiful forest.

Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum is a place where tourists, as well as locals, can learn about various Asian countries. This includes how martial arts played an important role in their civilization, history, and traditions. It is located in the city of Burbank and was created as an Asian academic, cultural, and artistic experience.

With parts on the timeline of Anime, Martial Arts in America, and Media Arts, which includes Hollywood films, tv, and periodicals, it also offers a historical perspective on American history. The Martial Arts History Museum is a fun activity for the whole family.

You can explore Los Angeles like a local and go see this fantastic location for homeschoolers and students. If you want to learn about Asian history and conduct book reports on it. It is both inexpensive and practical. For those that like it here, there are moving companies Burbank CA at their disposal. Offering you the safest and best-moving experience possible.

The Original Pantry Cafe

If you want to explore Los Angeles like a local and find some of the best places they enjoy then this place must be on your list! Old-school eateries are a thing in Los Angeles. Locals recommend The Original Pantry Cafe, which has been operating since the 1950s, as a fantastic place to grab a traditional dinner meal.

Locals warn that on weekends there will be a wait. A big line that even goes out the door. But that’s okay because, according to them, the meal is best eaten long after sunset. This famous diner has served celebrities like Marilyn Monroe as well as Martin Luther King Jr. And it openly showcases this fact in the atmosphere’s strong retro vibe.

Woman sitting in a diner
There are many things on the menu that are worth a try! So coming here only once might not be enough.


In the 1960s, Korean immigrants started arriving in greater numbers, and they settled in the Mid-Wilshire region. Many started businesses because they could afford the rent. And many people were supportive of the expanding Korean population. Unsurprisingly, there are some excellent Korean BBQ restaurants in this area. many of them! So ask around for recommendations on where to go. When you explore Los Angeles like a local, you will sooner or later find your way here.

Koreatown also doesn’t seem to sleep! Locals advise using Shatto 39 Lanes, an antique bowling alley open until three in the morning on the weekends, or one of the neighborhood’s several karaoke venues to burn off a few calories after your meal.

Highland Park Brewery

When you listen to locals sooner or later you will find some of La’s hidden gems. There are a ton of fantastic breweries in Los Angeles, according to locals. But Highland Park Brewery near The Hermosillo is highly recommended. Here, you can sip several local beers on a chill night! Additionally, Figueroa Street and York Boulevard are lined with a ton of food trucks.

Drinks and food on a plate
After a long day of exploring the city, this might be the best way to end it.

The fundamental mission of the Highland Park Brewery in Los Angeles, California is to produce superior beer. Their journey with beer is primarily about having fun while meeting nice people and discovering new things. In addition to other things, when you come here you will feel like you entered a new universe. Universe of refreshing hoppy beers, crisp lagers, and strong craft beers. This daring mixed culture fermentation includes unusual procedures, strange bacteria, and local ingredients. So do not waste your time and explore Los Angeles like a local now!

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