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Essential cross country moving checklist

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Moving cross country requires much more consideration than simply moving within the city. You are basically changing everything, not only your address. For example, if you are moving from Seattle, there is a lot more to do than hire Seattle area movers. You will need to change your doctor, transfer your utilities, and so on. That is why you might need to create a moving checklist for your relocation. This article is going to ensure that you know how to create a cross country moving checklist, so you can move without worrying that you’ve forgotten something important.

How to create a cross country moving checklist?

Here are the main tasks to write in your checklist:

  • Figure out a moving budget
  • Book professional moving company well in advance
  • Create an inventory list
  • Declutter and organize a yard sale
  • Visit your practitioner
  • Gather packing materials and moving boxes
  • Search for a storage unit
  • Say goodbye to your friends and neighbors
Prepare a moving budget in advance.

Figure out a moving budget

The absolute first thing that you need to do is figure out how much you can spend on your relocation. There will be many expenses and many options to spend even more. Having a set budget will allow you to discount the more expensive options and will save you the valuable time you would otherwise spend in consideration. For example, when hiring commercial movers Seattle, you will have plenty of options and services to choose from. By knowing exactly what your budget will allow, you will be able to make a decision in a much shorter time frame. And time, as they say, is money.

Other than that, having a set budget will help you in deciding which moving company to go with. It may prompt you to spend some time considering how to save money on your move. And you can always spend more time figuring out the cheaper choices.

Book professional moving company well in advance

Another thing that is a staple in your moving checklist is to book a moving company for your cross country move. You will want to get to this task sooner rather than later, though. This task is really important. The reason you want to do is as soon as possible is twofold. First, you will be able to save on your move by hiring the moving company early. The earlier you do it, the better price you can negotiate. Second, you will also be able to all but guarantee the moving date that you want. If you wait until the last moment to hire movers, you may not be able to choose your date, it will be dictated by the company’s availability.

Book a professional moving company at least two months before the move.

Create an inventory list

After you’ve decided on the moving company, it is time to start organizing your move. Creating an inventory list can be a lengthy process so make sure you write it down as such. It will involve listing everything that you have and that you wish to relocate. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage recommends that you pay special attention to this task, as it can be of immense help in organizing your move. It will be a backbone of your future efforts such as:

Declutter and organize a yard sale

Once you know what are the items that you have, you will be able to decide what you don’t need anymore. Decluttering is a process that you definitely need to consider. It will reduce the weight of your shipment and it will make your relocation cost less. But what to do with all the items that you will not be taking with you? There are several options but if you want to “reduce” your costs, even more, consider holding a garage sale.

A garage or a yard sale is an event where you simply take out all the items that you wish to sell and invite people to come in and check them out. You will have the best results if you try your hand in marketing for a time. Also, some research on planning a garage sale goes a long way. You will be selling these items at a fraction of the price they are worth, so people are usually drawn to these sales. It is a great deal for them, and some added money for your relocation for you. Everybody wins at a garage sale.

One of the cross country moving checklist tasks – Visit your practitioner

You will need to get your medical records before you relocate. It is a lot easier to do so when you can visit your old practitioner but they can send those files online, as well, if you happen to forget it. However, depending on your age, some of those records might not be held within computer storage so you might have to mail them. If you don’t want to think about any of that, simply go visit your doctor and get the files to go with you.

Transfer your medical records.

Gather packing materials and moving boxes

You will need plenty of materials and boxes for your relocation. Put a note in your checklist to search for these materials. You can go about it several ways. First, you can simply buy moving boxes and materials and call it a day. Second, you can go visit your local stores and ask for some free boxes, they usually have some in stock. Visit several stores and you should have enough boxes. Finding packing materials is a bit more complicated. You may need to search online and offline for people that have recently moved and ask if you can buy some materials off them. Most people usually buy more than they need, as is prudent, and will be willing to recoup some of their investment by selling them to you.

Another task from your cross country moving checklist – Search for a storage unit

If you have a need for a storage unit at your destination, for whatever reason, write it down as well. Finding a good storage unit might take time and you don’t want to settle for just anything. Talk to your moving company, they might have some recommendations.

Say goodbye to your friends and neighbors

Finally, make sure not to forget to say goodbye to people you’ve enjoyed spending your time with. Consider having a party at your old place, or taking them out somewhere to properly say goodbye, with laughter and merriment!

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