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The difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate

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    Relocation is seldom an easy venture. You have to be super organized, productive and efficient. And, apart from saying goodbye, the hardest part is probably handling the financial aspect of this process. Now, the best way to start dealing with this step is to get to know what awaits. Namely, in the business of moving, the companies most often offer binding and non-binding moving estimates. It can be hard to know which one to choose if you are not familiar with either. So, in the following few lines, we will go through their definitions and the main differences between binding and non-binding moving estimate.

    A binding moving estimate

    With the binding moving estimate, it all revolves around fixed prices. The whole process of getting a moving quote starts with the company representative visiting your home. They will go through the whole place and give you a moving estimate LA of how much the relocation will cost. Basing the price on the items you plan on moving, they will provide you with a contract. This act will allow you to clearly access if you can sustain yourself financially during the moving process.

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    Ensure that all the items you plan on moving are taken into consideration when the company’s agent arrives to make an assessment.

    Now, it is important that you keep in mind that requesting additional service will boost the final price. Things like moving insurance for your personal things or moving long-distance are just some of the things that will add the numbers on your moving quote. Know that these additional services will not be included in the estimated price. Instead, they will be viewed separately.

    Keeping your belongings and your budget secure

    Try your best to avoid adding more things that were not previously included in the estimate. The moving company you hired may have to refuse the service, having that they prepared for a different scenario. With a binding moving estimate, the company will know what vehicles to use for the belongings you plan on shipping. So, always try to put everything you want to move in the estimate. This will help avoid these unpleasant situations.

    In most cases, the moving company in Los Angeles will agree to be paid upon delivery. If a company requests to be paid up-front, be wary, as you may be dealing with fraudulent movers. In addition, every service must be stated in the contract. Make sure that they add up to the estimate. Now, the estimate itself should be attached to the bill of lading. This ensures that the movers cannot add something that was not previously agreed upon. You see, when you agree upon an estimate, no other additions can be made, and this includes both sides. If you want to add something, this will alter the final price.

    The difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate

    Unlike your binding moving estimate, the non-binding one is not based on a contract. This means that the end price may differ from the estimate. What determines the price is the weight of the things that you are transporting. This is the tricky part. Namely, the mover can give you one estimate, and when actually moving, provide you with another which is based on the actual weight of your belongings. As you can imagine, this allows the moving company to make shady deals. Many scammers use these quotes to drag you into their game. They will be so kind as to allow you to use additional services, without telling you the cost, only to bill you after the delivery.

    'fraud alert' signs
    The difference between the binding and non-binding moving estimate is that you have to be super careful with the latter one.

    The difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate is that the movers can surprise you with the price without having to tell you before the move. This aspect makes the non-binding agreements rather not recommendable. So, it is best that you are wary of these deals. Especially if they come forth with a too-good-to-be-true estimate. With the added costs, this price can skyrocket.

    Not everything about the non-binding moving estimate is bad

    They are a good option if you do not have a lot of items for relocation. So, if you have things that do not weigh much, and are about the minimum price of moving, this option should be the one you go for. You see, the minimum price of moving is the price you have to pay for the service. This means that even if your weight estimate is lower than the weight required to exceed the minimum price, you have to pay up.

    A word about a binding not-to-exceed estimate

    This kind of moving estimate gets an honorable mention for the popularity it has amongst the people who are moving. It is based on a fixed price of the move, and cannot exceed that. This means that even if the weight of the items is more than what was agreed upon, the price will stay the same. However, you have the possibility of paying less than the original price, in a case where the weight is lower than the estimate. As you can see, this turns out to be the most cost-efficient way of moving.

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    As most people tend to choose this option, we strongly advise that you consider doing the same.

    Which one should you choose?

    This answer depends solely on your preferences and situation. The difference between the binding and non-binding moving estimate is big. You should make sure to weigh your options carefully and get estimates from at least three companies. That way you will have at least a few decent options to choose from, and avoid making a mistake with possible fraudulent movers. Keep in mind that the lowest rates, although tempting, most often come with a catch.

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