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Decorate a rental apartment in Denver with ease

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Colorado with its fantastic quality of life and beautiful scenery is one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S. Our Southern California movers confirm that interest in relocating to The Centennial State is indeed high. Yet, there are some downsides to all this. Namely, the rents are growing fast, and it’s difficult for tenants to find everything they want. Thus, centrally located ‘micro-apartments are a growing trend in Denver. Below we share a few exciting ideas on how to decorate a rental apartment in Denver and make the most out of your space.

How to decorate a rental apartment in Denver?

Pro apartment movers Denver have a honed sense for a living space, regardless of its size. Besides, we know that you’ll sooner or later vacate the rented space, so splashing a great deal on decor is difficult to justify. However, there are simple ways to upgrade a rental to a stylish effect, and on a minimal budget. Take note of these practical tips, to decorate a rental apartment in Denver, and turn it into a cozy and comfy nest.

  • DIY Art
  • Use vertical space
  • Remake your walls
A cozy studio apartment
A studio or ‘micro’ apartments are most popular among Denver rentals, and with few good tips, you can turn yours into a comfy space

DIY Art to enhance the aesthetics of your rental in Denver

Your handcrafts are a sumptuous way to decorate your lease in Denver. Since your dependable packing services Denver have made it possible to move them with you safely, here is when they come in handy. Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t leave them behind? Your DIY Art projects will render your rental a personalized, stylish look. So, take out your paintings, crochets, throw pillows and blankets, to decorate your rental in Denver. Or get inspired to start a simple DIY project, and refresh the look of your rental with recreational pleasure.

DIY tools
DIY Art projects are a great way to decorate a rental apartment in Denver

Use your space vertically

If you’ve decided to relocate more centrally in Denver, this will probably mean downsizing your living space. So, call your pool table movers Denver CO and ask them for some temporary storage solutions. However, even if you own oversized items, it’s still possible to decorate a rental apartment in Denver with ease. The secret is in using your untapped vertical space. Consider our amazing tips, if you want to add storage space and sophistication to your Denver rental:

  • Pegboards are inexpensive and versatile. Use them as storage – kitchen utensils, jewelry organizer, laundry detergents storage, home art gallery, etc. Besides storage space, you’ll add a splash of color, and decorate a rental apartment in Denver like a pro.
  • Floating shelves are a brilliant way to add a decorative touch, and keep your things neatly arranged. They are easy to install and will help you use your vertical space optimally.
  • Utilize an empty corner to set up your potted plants like a climbing flower garden. This is a beautiful way to decorate a rental, that in addition brings elements of nature to your daily life.
Climbing garden of potted plants
Use vertical space, and set up a climbing home garden, so to beautify your living space

A remake of the walls is a great way to decorate a rental apartment in Denver 

Firstly, talk to your landlord and clarify what are you allowed to do with the walls in your lease. From here on, your options on how to decorate a rental apartment in Denver are limited only by your creative flair. Paint the walls in your favorite color, cover them with wallpaper or use Washi tape to decorate them. This is sure to bring harmony and personality to your place and is one of the most creative and easy ways to enhance your rental on a budget.

Finally, we hope you find inspiration in our tips above, and have fun while you decorate a rental apartment in Denver. So, good luck and enjoy.

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