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Critical considerations before sharing a home in LA

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Sharing a home is a great way to offset the rent. There are also some situations where you might need to take in an aging parent. There are many benefits to it. You might be tempted to hire LA moving services and move right away. But, there are also some downsides to sharing a home in LA. That’s why it’s important to take everything into consideration. And make an informed decision. Otherwise, you might end up stuck sharing a home with someone who isn’t willing to put in an effort. And that can ruin friendships and strain relationships.

Pros and cons of sharing a home in LA

Los Angeles is an expensive place to live in. There’s no getting around that. And that might tempt you to try sharing a home. And while it does bring in many benefits, there are also some drawbacks. It’s easy to find affordable moving companies Los Angeles which can quickly transfer you to your friends’ home. Or vice-versa. But before you do, make sure you know all the pros and cons:

Pros of sharing a home in LA are:

  • Lower rent cost
  • You can upsize to a bigger home
  • You’ll have a friend whenever you come home
  • You can split cleaning duties
woman who is sharing a home in LA cleaning
Cleaning is much easier when you can share it with someone

Cons of sharing a home are:

  • Your new roommate might be messy
  • They might be late with rent payments
  • You might argue a lot
  • They might be loud
  • Your schedules might not get along well

Cleaning can be easier but can also strain a relationship

Cleaning is a chore that very few people truly like. And yet we all have to do it. One of the big benefits of sharing a home is that you can split cleaning duties with your roommate. On the other hand, they might not be as tidy as you. And you can easily end up arguing over it. Hopefully, cleaning services Los Angeles are not that expensive. And since you’ll be saving a lot of money on rent. You’ll have more than enough to hire professionals to clean for you. 

If you are sensitive to noise avoid sharing a home in LA

LA is a city that’s alive 24/7. People work different jobs at different times of day and night. Not to mention that there’s always something to do in LA, day and night. And if you are someone who is sensitive to noise, then sharing a home in LA might not be the best idea for you. Your roommate might work nightshift. And not be too considerate when they come home tired. Or they might come home from a party making noise while they shower and have dinner. 

woman sharing a home in LA with her father
Sharing a home with an elderly parent is noble but requires serious consideration

Taking in an elderly parent is noble but can make sharing a home in LA strenuous

Another instance when sharing a home in LA might seem like a good idea is when you take in an elderly parent. And while that’s a truly noble and good thing to do, it can strain your relationship. Taking care of seniors isn’t always easy. And requires a lot of time, patience, and energy. But, on the other hand, you’ll have the benefit of seeing your parent every day. And being there for them. It’s something that you need to consider before making a decision.

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