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Create additional storage space in your Denver home

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    Everyone needs more storage space. There are numerous ways to acquire it, most of which involve renting a storage unit. If you are arriving in Denver from another state, your best bet for short-term storage is to rent one out from cross country movers Denver. You can do lots of things in your home to get additional storage space in your Denver home but all of them take time. If you need an immediate storage solution, renting out is still the best option. But after your things are safe and sound, it is time to work and get that storage space within your home. This article will give you a couple of ideas and tips on how to do so.

    How to create additional storage space in your Denver home?

    Creating storage space is not really that easy. You can’t simply will it into existence. What you need to do is to reorganize, repurpose and declutter. Let’s start with the simple things.

    First things first – Declutter

    The easiest way to find room for your new items is to get rid of the items that you will not be using anymore. Every home has plenty of these items and it will surprise you how much space they all take. Do note that this is a family activity, though. What you think is useless may be priceless for someone else. So involve everyone in the process. If you find that you have too many items to move on your own, there are many movers in Denver that can relocate them on the cheap. You will be spending some time in sorting out all the items, it may be prudent to save some time on relocating them. But there are other options for these items, as well:

    woman on laptop
    First, get rid of unnecessary items!

    Donate or organize a yard/garage sale

    You can always donate your items to charity. One person’s junk is another’s treasure, after all. Do note that donating to charity means that the items themselves need to be in good condition. You can try to sell those items that aren’t but most of the time the prudent thing is to simply throw them away. The charities of Denver will ensure that your items go where they are most needed. You will be doing a good thing and creating more space all in one! There are few things better than knowing that you’ve made someone’s day, month, or even a year with the items that you actually do not need or use.

    Alternatively, if you want to create some funding for your repurposing, you can try and sell your items in a garage sale. The good thing about a garage sale is that you can sell literally anything there if the price is low enough. People are drawn to garage sales as they offer some of the most amazing deals on the planet. You may want to advertise your sale on social media, by word of mouth, and any means available to you. Especially if you have a lot of items to sell. The funds that you receive can all go into the real deal, repurposing your home for more storage.

    5 ways to create additional storage space in your Denver home!

    There are some creative solutions for creating more storage in your home and here are some of the best:

    1. Reorganize the space under the stairwell
    2. Toe Kick drawers!
    3. Build up some cabinets
    4. Install shelves on the walls
    5. Hooks on the doors!
    living room
    Use stairwell space as additional storage!

    1. Reorganize the space under the stairwell

    If you have a stairwell and are not using the space beneath, this is the first thing that you need to do. Even if you have some items stashed in there, organizing that space will do wonders for your storage needs. Try to look into some storage units Denver for ideas. Some of those places utilize space very efficiently. The best thing about it is that it will not cost you much to reorganize this space, nor it involves a lot of work. If you have a stairwell in your home, start there.

    2. Toe Kick drawers!

    The area at the base of your kitchen cabinets is a perfect place to install toe drawers. This simple hack will allow you to store various flat items such as baking sheets and serving platters. We usually look up when thinking of more storage but in this case, you need to look down.

    3. Create additional storage space in your Denver home – Build up some cabinets

    However, that vertical space is where we look for a good reason. The absolute best way to get more storage in your home is to utilize vertical space. Los Angeles transfer and storage heartily recommend building cabinets that reach up to the ceiling. Sure, you may need a ladder when retrieving items but that is a small price to pay for as much storage as these cabinets will provide.

    Build up more cabinets!

    4. Install shelves on the walls

    But if you don’t really want to cram all the walls with cabinets, installing some cool shelves on the walls is the way to go. The great thing about these shelves is that they can be made in any design that you want. They are easy to make, rather inexpensive and there is a huge variety of them. You can even have them custom-made just for your apartment. They can double up as a decorative piece, too!

    5. Hooks on the doors!

    Finally, you may also want to put some honest to god hooks on your doors. Do you know how most apartments have clothing and everything just lying around? Well, those items can go onto these hooks and voila, more space! Having hooks on every door will ensure that you are utilizing every inch of your home. You probably don’t want them on the front door, though.

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