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Common moving injuries and how to avoid them

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Is your move getting closer, but you’re reluctant to start preparing because you’ve heard of how common moving injuries are? Los Angeles Transfer and Storage is a company with a rich portfolio, and we’ve seen it all. Whatever moving injury is possible, chances are that we’ve had to deal with it. We’ve decided to share a short overview of the most common moving injuries and our tips on how to avoid them. Moving is complicated by itself, why add the injury to the already chaotic situation? To find out how to prevent the injuries, keep on reading! 

a physiotherapist treating lower back
If you can, avoid lifting heavy objects with inappropriate technique – that’s a recipe for lower back strain.

Why are common moving injuries happening?

Common moving injuries are happening because of a wide variety of reasons.  It takes years of conditioning for many people who work in a moving business to stay healthy – if you think you may get hurt during the moving process – call the best moving companies Los Angeles to help you. The muscle and tendon sprains happen because your body isn’t prepared to handle the load. You may have stepped clumsily and sprained an ankle, which is something that you can’t foresee and it can happen every day – or you may have sprained a muscle. If that has happened, that means that your organism has been put under too much load too soon. It may have been avoided if you started off easier, by carrying a few lighter boxes first, or it wouldn’t have been avoided at all because, simply, your organism isn’t ready to handle big weights.

Make sure that you’re in the right mindset when preparing for a move

Many injuries happen because you just haven’t slept enough and can’t be present while you’re packing. You’re wandering around the house, stubbing your toes, or cutting yourself during easy tasks. You may be distracted by kids or pets – which is also an understandable reason you were out of focus. If you’ve had an argument, a problem at work, or a health condition, it can also affect your ability to be present. Many people are experiencing brain fog when they’ve been in an argument. They also report not being able to sleep well. All of those conditions can lead to you getting hurt, which leads us to the conclusion: if you aren’t feeling up to par, leave the work for another day. If you can delegate the work or do something else, easier, instead – do that. Nothing is worth your health, especially when you’ve got an upcoming move. 

ice on ankle
Ankle injuries can happen in a variety of ways, but it’s always useful to ice the injury when it happens.

Those are some of the most common moving injuries

Just like there are many types of bodies, there are many types of injuries. They are some injuries that can happen that aren’t very common, but since they make up a smaller percentage of the list, we’ll just talk about the common ones. So, let’s talk about common moving injuries: 

  • Lower back injuries – They usually happen when people are lifting something heavy by using the inappropriate technique. Instead of squatting and taking an item, then standing up on the legs and using leg force to lit something up – they bend over and lift them with their lower back muscles, much like performing a weird deadlift. Your legs can handle much more force than your lower back. To avoid those kinds of injuries, it would be best to learn appropriate lifting techniques
  • Cuts – They happen when you’re handling wood which chips off easily when you’re handling scissors or knife or any similar sharp object. If you aren’t sure how to do something, call a professional service to handle it. Don’t do anything that can lead to injury if you don’t have to, since it will bother you for the rest of the move – and you have to unpack later as well.
  • Toes and fingers – Stubbing your toes and fingers can happen often. You may do something fast and hit your toe, or you may drop something on it. A falling shelf or other furniture piece is also a possibility. To avoid those kinds of injuries make sure that you are fully present and know what you’re doing. 
  • Bruises – You can get them while you’re carrying boxes and you hit yourself on the staircase railing, or something may fall on you. To avoid bruises, dress appropriately, and be extra careful. 
  • Knee and ankle injuries – They can also happen because of inappropriate lifting techniques and stepping weirdly while carrying heavyweights. To prevent those kinds of injuries it’s best if you are aware of your limits and you learn the appropriate lifting technique.  

How to avoid those common moving injuries?

There are a few things that you can do to prevent common moving injuries from happening. If you want to, for example, ship car from California to Florida – you wouldn’t do it alone because it exceeds the load you can perform. What would you do? You’d hire a professional moving company! What more can you do?

  • Delegating dangerous parts of the process
  • Educating yourself about what you should to
  • Not being stubborn when something just isn’t happening
  • Strength training to prepare your tissue for the load 
  • Being well-rested on the day of the work so you can pay full attention to what you’re doing and avoid making clumsy mistakes 
  • Use quality moving materials that don’t break easily 
  • Don’t hurry the loading or assembly processes
  • Carry little by little 
  • Make sure you remove all of the distractions that you have around the workplace
  • Learn to properly lift a heavy item by attending a course or going to a physical therapist 
  • Dress appropriately to avoid common moving injuries 
man taping a box
To make sure that you don’t fall prey to the common moving injuries, hire a reliable moving company.

Turn to a reliable moving company

To make sure that you don’t fall prey to the common moving injuries, hire a reliable moving company. If you aren’t sure whether you need moving services, you can always get a free quote or call us. You can ask us whatever moving-related questions you have, and we’ll tell you about our reasonable prices, professional, trained employees, and our moving process. When you hire a moving company, you’ll have professionals working for you. You can rest assured that your belongings will be packed, transported, and loaded into the truck without any inconveniences. Most importantly, you’ll stay safe and sound, in perfect condition to deal with your items and new home! 

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