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Common miscommunications with movers to look out for

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Miscommunications happen. It is just the way people are. You think you are saying something clearly but the other person is not really understanding the same thing. When it comes to miscommunications with movers, it is always better to prevent them altogether. You can start by hiring one of the best cross country movers Denver to help you with your relocation. It is much harder to have any miscommunications with veteran moving companies, after all. But they can still happen. We are going to provide you with a list of ways to prevent common miscommunications.

Miscommunications with movers – things to look out for?

Here is what you need to do and know:

  • Be present and a good host
  • Provide parking space
  • Provide enough snacks and refreshments
  • Movers won’t move hazardous and flammable items
man and woman, handshake
Be present and welcome your movers!

Be present and a good host

First of all, the easiest way to get miscommunication is if you are not present on a moving day. Most movers will not want to call you on the phone for every little detail that might be unclear. And then we get to “we thought you wanted this to be like this” kind of communication. In order to prevent this, simply be present when the moving day comes. You may also want to be a good host and show your moving crew a good time. The atmosphere is important, no matter what you do.

But if you absolutely can’t be there, you will need to leave clear and concise notes on how you want your items to be handled. The best way to do this is to have an open discussion with your movers. You see, movers in Denver know their job inside-out. If your directions are unclear, or not really applicable, they will let you know. Because they want you to be satisfied.

Provide parking space to avoid miscommunications with movers

Parking space is usually a huge miscommunication between movers and their customers. When there is no parking space, most companies have a policy that will increase the price of your move. And that is something that might not have come up in the negotiations. In order to prevent all of this from happening, make sure that there is parking space for your movers’ truck on a moving day. In fact, Los Angeles Transfer and Storage recommend that you talk with your neighbors a week or so before the move about that parking space. You will want to mark the space somehow and you do not want anyone complaining or removing your marks. That’s why you want to let them know ahead of time.

a man in the garage
Provide a parking space for your moving crew.

Provide enough snacks and refreshments

While not really a miscommunication, providing something to bite and drink will go a long way towards amicable resolutions. No matter the problem, it will be easier with something to eat and drink.

Movers won’t move hazardous and flammable items

Finally, if you thought that your movers can relocate every single item, think again. Moving companies are prohibited from moving hazardous items. What you might want to do is to figure out if your items are on the top 10 hazardous materials list. If they are, you will need to explore other options for relocating those. Hazardous materials need special consideration and special vehicles to transport, to ensure the safety of everyone.

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