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Commercial long-distance moving checklist to prepare

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Moving a business to a long-distance is a challenging affair. Not only that you have to relocate employees, but you also have to move everything else. This means that you have to organize and move all, from documents and valuable electronics to heavy machinery. The best way is to create a Commercial long-distance moving checklist. That will help you to plan months ahead. And also, to coordinate logistics as well as to timely book the cleaning services Los Angeles. The well-made checklist will help to ensure that your office move comes as easy on your business as possible.

Two women in front of the desk stand discussing the commercial long-distance moving checklist.
Preparing the commercial long-distance moving checklist.

Start planning your move early

Depending on the size of the business, start to plan as soon as you decide about the move. Or when you get the orders from the Head Office. If possible, give yourself six months to start with preparations. In that period, select the items you are going to move along. Also, it would be good to:

  • review your current lease documents
  • get quotes from the moving companies
  • determine if you need additional moving coverage
  • set a moving budget
  • assemble a planning team to help you with creating the moving checklist

Also, decide what you are going to purge. For sure, there are a lot of things that were just taking space and dust in your premises. So, you can donate them. You can, as well, give them away to charity, or simply send them for recycling. Some of the items you may even sell.

Commercial moves

In general, commercial moving is similar to residential moving. However, it usually takes more planning. And also, it takes more time. Commercial moves can be anything, from moving an office, to moving the whole factory. Also, commercial moves are more complex. And any delay may considerably impact the entire business operations. To ensure smooth commercial move, contact full-service movers Los Angeles. They have the knowledge and means to make your move safe and easy.

When preparing the commercial long-distance moving checklist, pay attention to factors unique to commercial moving

There are some key factors that are unique to commercial moving. 

When planning a long-distance commercial move, inform the employees on time

When you need to move a business, you will not only set a moving day and time. You have to figure out how to minimalize the impact of the moving day on your operations. As well, you must think about employees. With a long-distance move, many will not be able to follow you. So, when you inform them on time, they will be able to ensure the other employment. Also, if you are moving to Hawaii from California, you will need some new employees over there. You will have to post a job announcement in the place you are moving to. And complete the selection process of candidates.

Shelves with hanging folders and business documents.
Every business has a lot of highly sensitive materials.

Consider moving the heavy equipment

Depending on the nature and size of your business, consider renting the heavy lifting tools. Also, you will need a lot of manpower to move the bulky machinery. You will need them also to move the heavy furniture. All this should not be a big problem. Your moving company will have the lifting tools and skilled employees to operate it. And you can be sure that they will do it with care.

Plan how to protect the sensitive commercial materials when moving long-distance

Every business has a lot of highly sensitive materials. Such are employees’ documents, financial records, and more. As a rule, businesses also have a lot of sensitive data stored in computers. Loss of such sensitive documents would be a disaster. In the USA, the law regulates the protection of such data, even during the move. So, when you are moving the documents, make sure to pack them safely and label them properly. Getting reliable moving boxes Los Angeles, you can be sure they are of good quality. And that your precious documents will not spill out. Also, check if your moving company has a vetting process for its movers. All movers handling the commercial data must have their backgrounds checked.

When performing the long-distance commercial move, you have to count on a lot of electronic equipment

The commercial move involves transporting a lot of electronic equipment. It can range from laptops, desktop computers, photocopiers, switchboards, and the entire IT department. Besides, there will be refrigerators and coffee machines. And the vending machines too. All this equipment has to be properly packed for safely transported. This means it has to be unplugged, dismantled, properly wrapped, and then packed in safe moving boxes.

A man in white, long sleeves shirt using computer and headphones.
Soon you have time, contact your clients and suppliers.

Don’t forget your clients and suppliers when moving long-distance

This has to be among the first points in your long-distance moving checklist. Your business depends on clients and suppliers. Soon you have time, give them a call. It is very important for your further business. You have to know if you will be able to keep the present clients. The same goes for your suppliers. Maybe cooperation will not be practical due to distance. Or the prices will increase considerably due to transportations costs. In such a case, you will have to consider other options. It is also fair to them. If they can’t count on further cooperation, you will give them enough time to find other possibilities.

Inform your post office and bank about your long-distance move

Before commercial movers Los Angeles takes you to your new location, make sure to change your address. You are very busy with the move, but this will take only minutes. Nowadays, you can make all the changes online. As well, don’t forget to inform IRS and other institutions about your move.

You have successfully moved to your new business location using the commercial moving checklist

It took a lot of time, planning, and effort. However, following the to-dos when moving, from the well-prepared commercial long-distance moving checklist, you have successfully moved to your new location. You have also sorted out the employment issues. Timely calling customers and suppliers made you arrange a good outcome for all of you. What remains, is to change the address at your official website and the electronic email signatures. And don’t forget to order new business cards. And send thanks to all those wishing you a successful business in the new location.

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