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Choose the cheapest time to relocate from Seattle

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    Everyone wants to save money no matter what they are doing, and this is no secret. And it’s no different when relocating your home either. As the seasons and days change, so do the moving rates of moving companies in Washington. Summer offers longer days perfect for moving day, while winter offers lower prices in comparison. This is why you need to find the cheapest time to relocate from Seattle. In most cases, the price depends on the time of year, but also on a few more factors which we’ll cover as well. So, let’s look into the elements which make a move cheap, and help you decide the perfect time for you.

    Summer isn’t the cheapest, but the real estate market will boost your budget

    If you’re moving in the summer, you might not find the cheapest mover. This is because everyone wants to move during the summertime. The reason for this might be the fact that a lot of people are on holiday, and the students have their summer break. This gives people more free time, which gives movers more work. This means that moving from Washington to California might not be so cheap. However, you can use this moving frenzy to your advantage. If you were planning to sell your home before moving, now is the time to do it. With so many people relocating, the housing market experiences a spike since homes are in higher demand.

    summer home with a pool
    Summer moves aren’t cheap, but the real estate market is booming

    So, even if this isn’t the cheapest time to relocate from Seattle, your income from selling the house can balance this expense. Furthermore, it can even land you a profit if you do a good sale. It is absolutely true that summer is considered to be the peak of moving season. According to the numbers, pool table movers Seattle are usually at their busiest between Memorial Day and Labor Day. With that said, you’ll probably have to wait in line for a long time if you book your movers too late. To counter this, if you’ve firmly decided that you’ll be moving in the summer, book a moving company ahead of time. Three to four months before moving day is considered ample time to call ahead and avoid the rush.

    Winter is by far considered the cheapest time to relocate from Seattle

    Compared to the summer season, winter is the complete polar opposite, and not just in temperature. The moving prices during the winter season are incredibly low, making it a very favorable time for a relocation. With the kids deep into their school year and the cold winds beating down the streets, not many people are thinking about a move. To combat this business draught, movers usually offer low rates and try to meet every demand. With that in mind, you might want to postpone moving to LA from Seattle for when it starts snowing. Just keep in mind that winter brings very harsh weather conditions with it. This means that you should be extra diligent when preparing for your move. Dress in layers and waterproof your boxes before heading out on the road.

    Seattle during winter time
    A winter move is the best way to save money

    A few more tips for achieving a cheap relocation

    Even though the seasons have the biggest impact on the prices, there are a few more tips for finding the cheapest time to relocate from Seattle. You can fine-tune your savings by looking at the seasons in detail. For starters, regardless of the time of year you choose, aim for the middle of the month. Leases renew at the beginning of each month, so people will move more frequently. The middle of the month isn’t as busy, meaning the prices will be lower. In addition, try booking your move very early in the morning. The main reason is that there is less traffic. On top of that, if you’re moving in the summer months starting early means lower temperatures, which helps when moving in the summer heat. winter, you’ll have more daylight to work with. As far as the winter months go, you’ll have more daylight to work with.

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