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Cheap bathroom upgrades you can do yourself after the LA move

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    If you have just moved into your new home it is normal that you want to remodel it a bit and adjust it to your needs and taste. Depending on your budget you can do all sorts of changes inside and outside your home. Moving to LA or any other city gives you the possibility to declutter your old home and create a new ideal home for you and your family. If you have decided to remodel your bathroom maybe these tips about bathroom upgrades you can do yourself will help you to create your private spa without spending all your money.

    Before the move

    Before you move to your new home, you need to pack and organize your relocation. The best decision is to hire some of the moving companies Orange county residents recommend. It will be a lot easier if you hire professional movers to help you pack and relocate everything. You will have enough time to think and plan what can you upgrade and change in your new home. If you are moving from Washington to California, you need to prepare. 

    bathroom upgrades
    Add some details to upgrade your bathroom.

    If you have decided to do some changes to your new bathroom, there are some cheap solutions to make your bathroom looks like a private spa. Before you hire reliable movers you can make some plans for upgrades you can do. These are some ideas:

    • you should do a deep cleaning
    • some of the bathroom upgrades you can do yourself is painting walls or even tiles
    • you can add and paint some shelves yourself
    • upgrade lighting
    • add frames to the mirror
    • add some details like aromatized candles or some plants

    There are some inexpensive solutions that can help you upgrade your bathroom. You do not need to buy everything new, just make sure you have some proper tools and you can some work on your own. The bigger the bathroom is the more possibilities you will have. Make sure you opt for moving services Los Angeles usually recommend to relocate fast. Then you will have time to repair and upgrade your bathroom.

    Bathroom upgrades you can do yourself

    The first step to upgrade your bathroom can be a deep clean of it. Clean everything to have a spotless bathroom. Then you will see clearly what update do you need to make. You can search for cleaning services Los Angeles companies can offer. Not everything needs to be replaced and bought. You can make some upgrades yourself. Get rid of fluorescent lighting, and instead opt for can lights. Depending on your bathroom size you can even add some lamps or install sconces on each side of your vanity. Lighting can be very important to any room in the house including the bathroom.

    bathroom cabinets
    You can replace the hardware and you will refresh your bathroom cabinets like that.

    Paint is your friend. Anything that you can’t replace at the moment you can paint, tiles, walls, or cabinets. If you have a wooden floor you can paint it too. Make sure you use some neutral and pastel colors. When your bathtub has nicks, gouges, and peeling paint, you can use some touch-up products to repair that. If you want to refresh your cabinets you can replace the hardware. It is less expensive than buying new cabinets.

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