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Celebrate Christmas with family in Seattle

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Christmas is a time meant to be spent with family. So, wherever you are, it is time to pack and go home. You can search for Seattle area movers and let them organize your move. It will be a lot easier and stress-free. They will organize your move and you can plan the activities to celebrate Christmas with family in Seattle. It is the most beautiful time of the year, the city will be decorated, there will be a lot of lights up everywhere, and you can relax and enjoy yourself with your family.

Christmas is here!

December is all about Christmas. Most families try to get together and spend some quality time during the winter holidays. Every family has different traditions and customs but the common thing is to be with family or friends on Christmas. If you are far away from your family, it can be difficult. But you can gather some close friends and make a pleasant evening. Make some delicious dinner, make some cocktails, play games, decorate a Christmas tree. You can also set an online date for your family and call them via Skype or Zoom. You can spend some quality time remotely. But, there is still time to hire some of the Washington movers and let them help you relocate your belongings. Surprise your beloved ones and make memories together.

celebrate Christmas
Christmas is an ideal moment to buy some presents for your beloved ones.

Celebrate Christmas with family in Seattle

There are a lot of interesting activities you can do with your family during the winter holidays. If you have contacted the long-distance movers to help you relocate you have enough time to prepare everything for Christmas:

  • buy gifts
  • decorate a Christmas tree
  • prepare a dinner to celebrate Christmas with family in Seattle
  • check which events are there in the Seattle area during holidays
  • write some cards for friends and family
  • go ice skating
  • visit local Christmas parade

There are a lot of interesting events and activities so you can prepare a Christmas Eve and respect all the traditional customs, you can visit some Christmas market, prepare dinner or a party if you want. It is up to you.

Events in the Seattle area

During December and January, there will be a lot of events, in-person, and virtual. You can suggest to your family members to visit some of them. You can visit Campus Luminata at Seattle Center, or buy tickets and visit WildLanterns at Woodland Park Zoo. Watch a live stream of the lighting of the Westlake Center tree, Westlake Park light sculptures, and the Seattle Star. You can visit Downtown Holiday Lights & Delights. There will be more than 80,000 lights on installations of presents, arches, and trees at Westlake Park until the 9th of January. On the eastside, you can visit Snowflake Lane. There will be a Drive-thru display, The Lights of Christmas, at Stanwood. You will have an opportunity to visit the Drive-thru displays on the South too. So, you can organize a tour with your family and visit some of these events.

Buy gifts

One of the ways to celebrate Christmas is buying presents. You can buy them for your family but also for your friends or coworkers. It is not about buying some expensive gifts but it can be something that you have made yourself. By buying some gift you just give a sign that you care about the people around you. It doesn’t have to be some luxurious gift but rather something that can say “Thank you for being here” and to show to them that you love them and you think about them in these moments. You can use some nice paper, wrap the gift, and put a bow. You can write some gift cards too, make cookies or something else.

Christmas dinner
Prepare some delightful dinner and enjoy it with your family.

As already said, buying gifts isn’t only for family. You can buy something for your friends or colleagues. In many offices, coworkers organize a gift exchange called secret Santa. For secret Santa, every person takes the name of another person in the group and buys a present just for that one person.

Prepare dinner to celebrate Christmas with family in Seattle

This is one of the most common things families do at Christmas. Every family has its tradition so they prepare some favorite meals, pies, desserts, etc. Everybody can participate in preparation and spend some fun time. You can take out some fancy plates or silverware that are only used for special occasions. Decorate the table and enjoy your dinner with your family. Also, you can also invite some friends and make a party. It is important to spend Christmas with the people you care about and celebrate together.

You can organize a lottery, karaoke, some other fun game, etc. Whatever you decide to do have in mind that it doesn’t need to be fancy, glamourous, and expensive. It is important that you are with the people you love. If you are miles away most of the time, Christmas is the best moment to contact a moving company and ask for interstate moving services so you can come home. Come to your home earlier and decorate together with your family a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree
Decorate your Christmas tree and the whole house.

Decorate a Christmas tree

In December everywhere you go, you’ll see Christmas decorations and hear Christmas songs. Every house needs to have a Christmas tree and decorate it. You can buy it from tree farms or on the streets, or you can buy a fake one. There is a lot of beautiful ornaments that you can put on your tree and Christmas lights. Besides the tree, you can decorate the whole house. Every member of the family can participate in the process of decoration. Many people put a wreath on their front door as a decoration. If you have a fireplace in your home you can hang some stockings for gifts.

Here are some of the ideas to help you celebrate Christmas with family in Seattle and enjoy the holidays. Gather your family members and enjoy these winter days.

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