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Cancellation Policy

Relocation is our specialty! Our full service movers are completely devoted to ensuring that every
relocation we handle is a stress-free and memorable experience.

    Los Angeles Transfer and Storage values mutually trustful and ethical relationships. For many years we did not charge reservation deposit and simply required a common courtesy on the customers’ behalf to give us advanced notice of cancellation or rescheduling. Unfortunately, in the past, we have experienced last-minute cancellations and even “no-shows”. Therefore, we offer our cancellation policy, to help clear such issues with customers.

    Los Angeles Transfer and Storage is not different from many other small businesses in California and has certain expenses associated with last-minute cancellations. Lost opportunities, paid wages, fuel and vehicle amortization – are all examples of the losses that we experience when customers chose not to move in the last minute or don’t open the door upon arrival.

    Unfortunately, after analyzing our losses we came to the conclusion that we cannot continue absorbing these expenses and created a Refundable Reservation Deposit to ensure that we are protected against these losses. Please carefully review our Reservation Deposit, Cancellation, Re-Scheduling and “No-show” policies below to familiarize yourself with them:

    Reservation Deposit

    Is required for each move. After a reservation request is received, our agent will e-mail you a deposit invoice to submit a one-time payment in order to secure your moving date. The deposit amount will depend on the complexity of the move, and the number of movers ordered. Deposits are fully refundable, as long as cancellation notice is submitted in writing 72 hours before the actual move.


    In order to receive a full refund of your reservation deposit please submit a cancellation request in writing by using our simple electronic claims form at least 72 hours before the actual moving date.


    We strive to provide flexibility to our customers. Re-scheduling requests are honored only after a telephone conversation with our agents at least 72 hours before the move, and subject to crew availability and pricing changes.

    “No Show” Policy

    Once you submit the moving reservation you expect the professional movers to be on time to move you. Once we collect the reservation deposit, we commit our movers to service you and expect the customers to meet them. In the event that our movers are not met at your doorsteps, 100% of a minimal quote amount will be billed to your credit card.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions or suggestions about our Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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    This company did a fantastic job moving all my belongings from Oregon to LA. I am very pleased. Their customer service was great and how efficient and careful they were moving everything was wonderful. A lot of moving companies don't care about your belongings and most of the time something ends up broken, scrapped, or dinged. Everything came to LA as they were, nothing broken or dinged! They set up everything in my guest bedroom perfectly. The bed was right where I wanted it and I was able to put sheets on it right away to feel a little more settled in. The cost is reasonable for a moving company. Again, great company 5 stars will use them again if I ever have to do a big move.

    John S.

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