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Biggest mistakes to avoid when moving from LA

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Ask anyone who has ever moved what the most stressful event in their life has been and they will probably say moving. It’s a hectic process, full of uncertainties and anxiety. When under stress, people tend to make more mistakes. Errors happen during a move, that is something that you cannot completely avoid. But you can certainly diminish their number by hiring some Southern California movers. You will have a clear head and more time to focus on the important things, while professionals do their job. To be able to minimize the mistakes, you first need to learn the mistakes to avoid when moving from LA.

You want to move by yourself when you need help

This is the number one of the mistakes to avoid when moving from LA that leads to many other errors down the road. Moving completely by yourself is impossible, while relocating with the help of friends and family is a little more doable. A local move across the street could be done this way without any complications. But when moving from California to Washington, it is always recommended to hire professional assistance. Doing this crucial first step right will save you a huge amount of stress, trust us.

Person offering help in preventing the mistakes to avoid when moving from LA
Don’t try to do everything by yourself when you need help

Leaving out the budget planning

Even if you make a budget, you won’t know the cost of your move down to every penny, but it will give you a general idea of how much it will cost. Hiring some Los Angeles interstate movers will take up the biggest part of your budget, but they will provide everything you need for a successful move. Having a budget will keep you from overspending and getting surprised by unexpected costs, which occur often during a move.

You don’t start packing on time

The most difficult and dreaded part of relocation is the packing, especially if you didn’t declutter before starting to pack. Packing generally takes a long time if done correctly. We always recommend starting packing at least one month in advance, if it is not a rushed move. Time is a luxury when moving, so make good use of it if you have enough.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving from LA is not packing an essentials bag

An essentials bag will make your first few days in your new home way easier. This bag doesn’t have to include anything crazy, just basic things like:

  • Toiletries
  • Change of clothes and pajamas
  • Chargers for electronic devices
  • Snacks and water

If you have this ready, you won’t have to go through the boxes as soon as you arrive at your new place. You also won’t accidentally open and unpack the boxes that should go into some of the storage units Dupont WA. Packing this doesn’t take long, but it saves you the stress of going through numerous packed boxes in the middle of the night.

Person carrying a brown leather bag
An essentials bag can make the first few days after moving much easier


If you have made some of the mistakes to avoid when moving from LA during your last move, you know how important it is to try to prevent them. Most of them don’t take a long time to do, and they save you from troubles during the process. We wish you good luck!

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