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Best ways to find reliable moving company in Seattle

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As there are so many fraudulent and irresponsible movers on the market, reliability has become one of the most important traits when it comes to Seattle moving companies. Still, determining whether a company is trustworthy or not requires a lot of time and knowledge about the industry and how moving companies in Washington operate.  If you are preparing for a move to California and you need to find Seattle relocation experts to help you out, in this article you will find out how to find a reliable moving company in Seattle that will provide you with a flawless service.

Start your search on time

So you are leaving Washington and moving to California? The first thing to understand about finding reliable moving companies in Seattle is that it may require a few days to find them. And that could a problem when you have a tight schedule during the preparation process. Still, as it is so important thing to do, you need to make room in your timetable for this adventure as well.  After all, moving from Washington to California is a complex job. Therefore, you want to make sure that you enlist the finest professionals you can find. So leave enough room to find them.

a clock on a table
This search may take a lot of your time

Deal with your moving inventory before you start searching for a reliable moving company in Seattle

To find reliable movers in Seattle, first, you need to do a few things. Since moving is all about relocating your items from one place to another, and the price of the move mostly depends on the weight and size of your items, your first task is to sort out your moving inventory.  And be ready to contact movers properly. Naturally, first, you need to get rid of the items you do not plan to move with you.  Of course, this could be some old pieces of furniture. Or other items that you do not need or use. Also, once you separate them from the items that you are moving to LA from Seattle, you need to figure out how to eliminate them.  For this, you have many available options.

How to remove excess items

  • Organize a yard sale – The most profitable and time-consuming way to remove excess items
  • Sell your furniture to a used furniture retailer in Seattle – the fastest way to get rid of furniture
  • Sell your items online – A good way to get rid a few individual items
  • Donate to charity organizations – An easy and unprofitable way to remove all sorts of items
  • Rent storage Dupont WA – If you want to keep your items for the future
  • Call junk removal service – When you have a lot of junk that you do not want to deal with
  • Recycle – Instead of calling professionals, get your items to the recycling center by yourself

Make a moving inventory list  – a list of items that you are moving with you

Once you get rid of the junk, you need to go through the items that your movers will have to deal with. Of course, the first task is to prepare a moving inventory list. This list should contain all the items that are going into the moving truck. You should state their names, dimensions, weights, serial numbers, colors, and conditions. This list will allow you to get a precise online estimate from your movers. And you can use it later to check your items upon arrival.

an empty paper
Make a list of items that are going with you

Think about the services you may need

While you are going through your moving inventory it is important to determine what kind of help you will need. Every company offers different services. If you need pool table movers in Seattle, you will need to find a company that has that option available. Therefore it is very important to understand what you are looking for exactly.

Prepare a moving budget before you ask movers for an estimate

Moving can be quite a financial burden. Especially if you do not prepare properly. Therefore, before you start looking for reliable movers in Seattle, you need to set your moving budget. You need to set the size of your budget and some limits that you do not plan to cross in any situation. That is the only way to have control over your expenses during a move.

Research the internet or ask your friends for a recommendation

Finally, to find a reliable moving company in Seattle, you need to do research. Of course, in this case, the internet will be your main hunting ground.  But before you jump onto your computer, check the real world. Maybe someone you know moved recently. A direct recommendation will be far worthier than your own research.

How to find reliable movers in Seattle

If there is no one to recommend you movers in Seattle, then go to Google, and type the phrase that suits your type of move. In this case, interstate movers in Washington, cross country moving companies Seattle, or something similar. Once you get your results, your first task is to check their websites and see what kind of services they offer. Remember companies’ websites are not particularly good for checking their trustworthiness but you can see whether they offer services that you need for your move.  Find several companies that look suitable and start doing research.

a woman holding a phone and looking at computer
Do thorough research before you select a few candidates

In this case, you should visit Better Business Bureau or similar websites that gather information about moving companies that are registered in the US. Since you will be dealing with interstate movers, they should have a USDOT number that you can use to check them with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well. Also, there are websites that gather information about moving scammers, so you might want to check your movers there too.  The important thing to remember is that for movers to be considered reliable they need to have these traits:

  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Adequate equipment
  • Modern vehicles

Be careful and good luck

This is how to find a reliable moving company in Seattle. Hopefully, you will be successful and have a nice and pleasant move to California – the way to deserve. Good luck.

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