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Best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles

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When the fall comes so do some big changes in LA. Although you won’t feel any colder than before and there won’t be any big changes in the nature surrounding you in the dance city, there will be changes in people. All around you, there will be reds, yellows, and oranges! As the people in LA dress to impress. But not only that a festive and holiday mood will slowly creep onto you. If you are moving here during the fall with the help of affordable moving companies Los Angeles has to offer then get ready! For what you wonder? Well, we will tell you exactly what is waiting here for you as well as some of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles!

Fall in LA

Los Angeles is known for its all-year-long summer and its stunning beaches. But people here are big fans of fall! Meaning that there are many things to do here during the fall season. From pumpkin patches, and Halloween events to some other attractions you might like. But what are some of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles? That depends on your likes and preferences. If you just moved you can hire cleaning services Los Angeles has and spend that day sightseeing. But if at any point you start missing the fall nature colors you can still find them out of the LA concrete jungle. There are many parks that look like they were bathed in reds and the mountains surrounding the city look like they are in flames.

A woman in a coat walking
The best tell signs of seasons passing in LA are the clothes and colors people wear!

Are you looking for fall scenery?

For those interested in fall scenery in nature, there are many possibilities in and around LA. From painters, photographers and simple nature lovers there are many people interested. The best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles for them are to travel around and enjoy different parts of this city. But what are some of the places worth seeing?

  • Oak Glen– This is an Apple Growers Association. A small agriculture community located under the San Bernardino Mountains near Riverside LA. Here they take fall very seriously. If you decide to take this hour-and-a-half drive from LA you will be delighted to see all the colors around you. As the trees change from green to yellow, orange, and red, so does the time of apple harvest come. Usually lasting from, Labreday weekend all the way to Thanksgiving. Among the beautiful local shops all specializing in apple products, you will also have the pleasure of trying the local ranches!
  • Is there a better time to go on a mountain than fall? And what is one of the closest and most accessible mountains in LA? Well, it is without a doubt the Big Bear. And if you open their official park site you will notice that many tourists come here to enjoy fall. It is even specified there that it is best to come from mid-October to early November. You will have an opportunity here to walk along the trails that are shining gold, amber, and crimson.  It is beyond a doubt one of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles.
  • The Palos Verdes Peninsula – Fall in LA doesn’t only mean yellow leaves and fiery scapes! But there are other places where you can enjoy a different type of fall. And this is one of them. This is a place where wildflowers bloom all year round. But every season has different flowers as its decoration. So coming here in the fall will give you the opportunity to see  Heteromeles, arroyo lupine, and California fuchsia among many others.

Ask around!

Even if you are moving your business, while office movers Los Angeles, do their work you will have a lot of time to go and explore the city. You see the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles are not a few. Not everyone has the same likes and dislikes. And as such one of the best things you can do in order to find your best is to try them all! But not only the ones we mentioned. One of the best ways t go about this is to talk with the locals. Ask them what places and attractions are worth seeing.

At the same time asking tourists for their opinion is a bonus. Many of them came to LA during the fall with some activities in mind. So by asking around you will find some hidden gems as well as attractions you never heard of before. We are not saying you must experience them all. Maybe you can do some next year. What we are implying is that you should have fun! Use this as an opportunity to get to know LA and its citizens better.

There will probably also be many posters, blogs, and forums discussing the fall events. So keep an eye out for those. All of these are good bonding opportunities for your family. And if you have kids they will probably appreciate a day when they can play in nature. 

Pick and play in pumpkin patches

If you just moved you could have asked movers Orange County for some advice on where to go. And if you did chances are that they told you to go play in a pumpkin patch! People here are very fond of outdoor activities. And they will all agree that the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles are outdoors. Not only that but with Halloween slowly approaching this activity almost becomes a must-do. Isn’t it logical that a city famed for its entertainment industry will take Halloween very seriously?

Friends and a dog taking fun Halloween pictures
Is there anything more fun than going with friends to pick pumpkins and taking funny pictures?

Although there are a few farms in LA where you can go pick pumpkins, most of the LA pumpkin patches are set up in open spaces such as parking lots. So if you are interested in finding some nice Halloween decorations and making some Jack-O-Lanterns then this is a nice thing to do. Although if you have kids there are also some petting zoos as well as wagon rides!


If you are someone who considers beer and sausage ingredients for a fun time, then Oktoberfest is a must for you! The residential moving companies Los Angeles CA just delivered your items to your new home, and you don’t know what to do? Well if this happened in October this festival is something you should definitely visit. It runs till late Oktober serving different types of beer and offering you many chances to meet new people.

Starting on the 1st of October the Venice gastropub throws a Bavarian celebration. Accompanied by live music, lederhosen, yodeling and finger-licking fare. Not only that but there are also many options of cuisine that you can dive into. Followed by a wide range of German and Belgian beers. And all of that is only 45$(the price of the entry ticket). But this is not the only place. Throughout all LA, there are numerous places celebrating and offering discounts on beer and promoting German food.

A person thinking what are some of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles
You can’t deny that one of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles is to drink beer during Oktoberfest with your friends.

For the many German people who used some of the moving services Los Angeles has in order to make this beautiful city their home. Octoberfest is definitely the best thing to do in the fall in Los Angeles, as it makes them feel like they are back home in Germany even a little.

The spooky season

People of LA love Halloween! So maybe you should also consider looking into different options for storage Los Angeles can provide you with. Why? This is a city known for its entertainment industry. Being the home of many horror classics as well as the home to many superstars there are many events that celebrate it. Not only that but everyone puts a lot of attention on home decor during this time. The spooky season is filled with all types of fun in LA, but what are the best ones?

There are many ghost tours and haunted houses. A neverending line of horror movie projections as well as themed cafes and restaurants. You can also take this time to visit some of the film studios as they might have Halloween-themed events going on as well.

  • Toluca Lake– Some of the best LA decorations are actually located on Toluca Lake. Start at Lilley Hal and slowly walk around the neighborhood, but keep in mind this is a residential area at all times.
  • Nights of the Jack– One of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles is from 30-31 October. The Nights of the Jack is a family-friendly event held every year in Calabassas. Here you can purchase hot cider, snacks, coffee, and so on from the many street vendors and then go on the trail and admire the thousands of carved pumpkins.
People dressed as ghosts
People here take Halloween seriously. So dont be surprised if you see many unimaginable decorations and yards.

Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood

Every Halloween in Santa Monica Boulevard people of all ages and cultures come dressed in some of the most extravagant, beautiful, sexy, and spooky costumes. And this is not just any carnival, this is a street party unlike any other! Perfect for everyone who is of age this carnival is filled with DJs and open bars as well as good laughter and fun things to see. This is the time when Santa Monica is bursting with life as there are plenty of people who are dressed to impress! From life-sized marshmallows to aliens, cowboys, angels, devils and so on you will constantly be looking at the magnificent costumes all around you.

A skeleton giving drinks to a man
This is a good way to party! Surrounded by people in all types of costumes.

Go shopping!

One of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles is shopping! If you are a fan of fashion you already know that seasons have their colors. And in the fashion world, these colors are their staples. People that are usually moving to LA, are all there with a purpose. Many wish to become famous, others look for better work, and some just want to be closer to celebrities. But what all of these things have in common is a need to look well-dressed. You should take this time as a nice way to stack up on your red, orange, and yellow clothes.

The city of Los Angeles is not only home to singers and movie stars but some of the world’s best fashion designers! So it is no surprise that people here all have a sense of style. And knowing the importance of a first impression the clothes we wear become important to express who we are. And during the fall season not only can you find some beautiful statement pieces but you can also find summer clothes on sale! 

Open cinemas

In the fall especially during Halloween, there are many open-air cinemas! Projecting all types of movies. From horror classics to some new films you might enjoy. If you decide to go during the spooky season don’t expect anything other than movies centered around Halloween! But at other times there are certainly other types of movies. Why is fall perfect for outdoor movies?

People watching a movie as one of the best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles
Visit the open cinema with your friends!

The weather is perfect for a blanket and a nice drink while you sit with your loved ones and watch your favorite movies. Depending on the type you choose you can be in cars, on blankets, or in seats. Also, there are many vendors around but you can opt to bring your own snacks and drinks. As you can see there are some best things to do in the fall in Los Angeles so make sure not to miss them.

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