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Best things to do in LA in the fall

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    The first thing that comes to mind when you think about LA is probably warm weather or beautiful beaches. Of course, Hollywood as well. With most of the year filled with sunny days, LA belongs to subtropical-Mediterranean climate cities. It is hard to believe that with over 3000 hours per year of sunny days, LA actually has four seasons. Even if all seasons don’t have all of their characteristics, there are changes in temperature. Temperatures drop to an average of 17 to 23 degrees Celsius in the fall. Therefore, there are plenty of things to do in LA in the fall after you enjoy LA in August. It is the time of the year when festival fun is happening in La. 

    In addition to this, it is perfect time for relocating due to fewer people and pleasant weather. You can move more comfortably with residential moving companies Los Angeles CA. Fall is usually one of the best seasons for moving, especially in Los Angeles. 

    hollywood sign
    Hollywood sign is impressive in the fall as well

    The best things to do in LA in the fall – going to many festivals  

    All the fun festivals are happening in the fall. One of the most famous city’s festival is the Fall Festival. The harvest season is celebrated with fun activities such as pumpkin carving and pie-eating contests. All of this is accompanied by good music and a fun ambiance. If you seek the atmosphere of Halloween season, Knott’s Scary Farm and Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary are places for you. Knott’s Scary Farm is an annual festival where historical theme park becomes a place 0f horror. With sinister shows and haunted mazes, it is a place where even the bravest will lose courage. Dark Harbor is one of the most haunted places on earth. Therefore, it is every Halloween lover’s dream place. Also, Halloween cannot pass without a couple of pumpkins. In La, you can even find a Hello Kitty themed pumpkin. 

    More interesting things to do in the fall 

    With lower temperatures, it is the perfect time for exploring the city. If you have just moved to the city with full-service movers Los Angeles, the first thing to see is Universal Studios Hollywood. As school starts in the fall, there will be fewer crowds, shorter lines, and more free space for you to experience the magic of movies. Universal Studios offers a breath-taking tour of the studio that includes amazing rides, theme parks such as Harry Potter, Walking death, and others. After that, you can catch whales migrating down the California coast. Additionally, you cannot forget beaches even in the fall. Without scorching heat, it is time to ride along the beach, ride a bike, and similar. 

    gray castle
    You can visit the Harry Potter theme park

    Fall can be fun in Los Angeles 

    If you are still unsure about the best things to do in LA in the fall, here are more suggestions for you. 

    • Oktoberfest – where you can try german bears and German specialties like Bavarian pretzels, sausages, schnitzel, and strudel. 
    • LA Horseback Riding – you can see beautiful autumn colors, native landscape, and wildlife. 
    • The Huntington Gardens – where you can see many herbal species and gorgeous landscape. 

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