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Best places to retire in Los Angeles County

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    When the time for retirement comes, people usually start looking for a peaceful place to live. Although Los Angeles is a hectic city, there are small towns in its vicinity that offer pleasant and harmonious life. Finding a nice place to move to and enjoy retirement is not that hard. With the assistance of a good moving company, it gets even simpler. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage present you with the best places to retire in Los Angeles County. Follow the advice of reliable movers and pick the best town for your new home.

    Best places to retire in Los Angeles County

    There is more to LA than meets the eye. The whole area is known to be star-studded, hectic, high-end, and glamorous. But on the other hand, there are several quiet and slow-paced communities that are ideal for the elderly, such as:

    • Westlake Village
    • Beverly Hills
    • Rancho Palos Verdes
    • Laguna Woods
    a view of the beach in California
    Wherever you decide to settle down after retirement in California, you are in for a mild climate and a magnificent scenery


    Westlake Village

    A small town of 8,000 inhabitants is the perfect place to move to after retirement. It is located 9 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, and it possesses a lot of open space, hiking trails, and horse trails. Most residents here own their homes. There is not much nightlife, which makes this place ideal for the elderly. Westlake Village is rated as the 27th best place to retire in California among 816 other towns. If you are moving to LA area, you will not go wrong by choosing this town to live in.

    Beverly Hills

    Another highly rated suburban area for retirees is the location of the popular TV show of the 1990s. It boasts a phenomenal hospital and an outstanding emergency response time, which shows that the community takes good care of its elderly residents. This safe and high-end neighborhood is very close to the Los Angeles downtown, but in spite of that, it retains a small-town charm. Also, the best moving services Los Angeles are available in this area.

    an elderly couple sitting on the bench by the beach looking for the best places to retire in Los Angeles County
    Find a place where you will enjoy retirement

    Rancho Palos Verdes

    What makes this town unique is its scenic view of the ocean. Many retirees find their home here, as this town is old, and its inhabitants like to keep it that way. It is safe and tucked away, but it also boasts good infrastructure and diverse activities. The housing options are various, which makes this town budget-friendly. Also, if you need assistance while relocating to this idyllic place, furniture movers Los Angeles are just a phone call away.

    Laguna Woods

    The top destination for retirees is definitely Laguna Woods. For more than 50 years this town has been the best active lifestyle community for people over 55. Located in Orange County, this place mainly consists of a private gated retirement community. The low crime rate, affordable housing, and friendly environment make this town a perfect place to enjoy your retirement.

    Los Angeles County encompasses many places that are convenient for the lifestyle of the elderly. Each retiree just needs to choose the best place for themselves.

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