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Best places for young professionals in LA

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If you are an aspiring young professional set out to make it in Los Angeles, brace yourself. There will be a lot of challenges and adversity coming your way. Be ready not to have it all going your way right of the bat. Improvisation, adjustment and fast reaction time will all be parts of your everyday business life. Having said that, not everything in LA is out to get you, and you don’t have to struggle every step of the way. You can ensure you have a fine head start with living in some of the best places for young professionals in LA. The text that follows will make the search for your next home that much more simple, so take out your pen and paper and start writing.

Best of both worlds

You can find Atwater Village right between Silver Lake and Glendale – in the sweet spot. While you have access to all the good stuff, you can circumvent the crowds and downsides of it altogether. However, that is not the only feature that makes it one of the best places for young professionals in LA. An important part of living here is the rent, which is on the low side for this area. $1,800 will get you a roof over your head for a whole month.

A neighborhood in LA
Keep in mind that some of the best places for young professionals in LA are not the most expensive ones as well.

When it comes to transportation, Atwater is situated right at the 5. This means that you can easily connect to 134, 101, 170, and 110, and they take you everywhere and anywhere. If you desire to visit northeast of LA, or are up for a walk on any other eastside hotspot, you will find yourself there in a jiffy.

What makes Atwater a true gem is its vibe. Every house notably differs from the adjacent one, and it is clear that architects were not shy of experimenting with colors and shapes. The neighborhood is one of LA’s most diverse ones. This means making contacts is super easy. This multicultural playground heaps with great restaurants. From Mexican to Indian and all American, you will find it easy to locate your favorite place for a quality meal. And, being that you are a young professional set out to make a career, there will be a lot of sleepless nights, all of which are easier to tackle with quality coffee from Black Elephant Coffee.

One of the greatest places for young professionals in LA

Perhaps you are of the opinion that the only appeal of living in the LA is staying in the center of the city. Now, we will not argue this claim, having that life in the center really has benefits to it. Simply put – nothing is too far. Whether it’s work, beach or your friends on the east side, you will find it easy to get around. It can also be rather hard to overlook the charm of the old LA. If you find yourself nodding your head as you are reading this, start packing your bags for Beverly Grove.

The rent here will cost you $2,700 a month. And the traffic is not the best out there. However, you do have easy access to the 101 and 10 freeways, which can shorten your commute.

The fact that this neighborhood is right in the middle of this busy city attests to its appeal for young professionals such as yourself. You will literally be in the middle of all that is happening. Apart from having no shortage of options when it comes to eating out, shopping, and entertainment, you will be the first to know what’s the highlight of the business vibe.

A plethora of opportunities

Culver City is a new area in Los Angeles that is definitely on the rise. What this place lacks in crowds (compared to the downtown of LA) it makes up for in pure quality. While living there will cost you $2,260 a month, you will find it easy to earn that money.

405 and 10 are right under your nose, and the Expo Line is finished and ready to roll to. This means that you can get from Santa Monica all the way to the heart of DTLA faster than you can say ‘best places for young professionals in LA’.

A road in LA
Being near important roads is important for your commute, and Culver City will not disappoint.

A lot of big names in the entertainment industry call Culver City their home. Metro Goldwyn Mayer has been here since the ’20s, and a great part of it has been incorporated into Sony and Columbia Pictures. In order to avoid the hellish commute, many employees of this company have decided to relocate here. If you are interested in making it in this branch of business, not many places match Culver City.

The area itself has only recently started to fill with hip and trendy things. Big malls, studios, art galleries, bars, and restaurants are now finding their way to this neighborhood with great potential. And, while speaking about restaurants in Los Angeles, one must mention Vespertine. Johnatan Hold himself named it the best restaurant in LA, taking the crown from four-time defending champ Providence. While the dinner for two will cost you nothing short of $1,000, many argue that the experience is well worth it.

A mix of splendors

Elysian Valley, also known as Frogtown, is the address you give your movers when you want to move to an area that can be considered one of the best places for young professionals in LA. It is a wonderful mix of kind-hearted neighbors, small businesses, innovators, artist and manufacturers alike. When living here, you will definitely feel inspired and driven to give your best.

A month’s rent for a one-bedroom apartment will cost you $1,780. As for the transportation situation, the 5 and the 2 are terribly close. If you are one of those wonderful young people interested in physical activity, know that the LA River Bike Path runs just along the border of Frogtown. This means that you can walk or bike pretty much anywhere around your neighborhood.

A girl with a bike in LA
If you are into a close community, perspective business scene and bike rides, Frogtown is your town.

Frogtown or Elysian Valley, whatever you decide to call this place, you cannot deny it’s obvious status at the most up-and-coming neighborhood in Los Angeles. Apart from the beautiful scenery, this place has many qualities to it. Many young professionals flock here in search of opportunities. And, having that this warehouse-heavy neighborhood is just waiting for development, they will like what awaits. We suggest that you join the hype train, and find out what makes Elysian Valley one of the best places for young professionals in LA.

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