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Best packing tips for students in Seattle

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Going to University can be very exciting but things are not that simple. You need to prepare and pack for the move to your new college home. Sure you’ll want to pack the whole house and take everything with you but that won’t be really possible. Sit down, make your relocation plan, and organize all important things, from the clothes, type of ride, and important documents. As soon as you learn which will be your University and your new city, you can start with preparations. For the relocation itself, you can hire a reliable moving company and let them help you. But sit down, talk to your parents, and set your relocation budget. Here are some relocation and packing tips for students.

Make a plan

Yes, it is normal you want to take everything with you, your clothes, your pet, your bedding, etc. But maybe that will not be possible. Think what are your priorities and make a list of all the tasks:

  • gather all important documents – first of packing tips for students
  • make a list of all the things you can’t live without
  • check if it is possible to take your pet ( if you have one)
  • decide if you are relocating by bus, car, or a plane
  • rent a moving truck
  • buy packing supplies

These are some of the things you should think about. As already said, it is important to sit down and talks with your parents to establish the moving budget. Then, you can start with other activities. It is important to start early. As soon as you learn you will go to college, start with preparations. Pack your items little by little so you are prepared when the moving day comes.

Calendar and a marker
Organize your time and you will do just fine

Packing tips for students

When you need to decide what to take with you make a list of all the important items. Make a list of your clothes and underwear that you will be needing. You can put on your list of underwear, socks, undershirts, long and short sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, shirts, belts, pajamas, swimsuits, coats. There is a lot of rainy days in Seattle so make sure you pack a raincoat. Then you can add some shareware flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, boots, rain boots, elegant shoes. Then you should make a list of your toiletries – shampoo/ conditioner, toothbrush/ toothpaste, soap, deodorant, brush, razors, makeup, medicines, tissues, and toilet paper. You can add some bedding so you can feel comfortable. Then you come to the most important items for your college – books, laptops, iPads, pencils, notebooks, etc. Do not forget to gather all the important documents you need to bring to the University.

When you have made a list of all these items it is time to pack them. The first thing you will be needing is packing supplies like cardboard boxes, plastic bags, packing tape, etc. Wash the clothes before you pack all of them. Let them dry then you can pack them. You can use garbage bags to pack your clothes and bedding. Fold your clothes to pack them easily. Make sure you put labels on all the boxes and bins. If you don’t think you can handle everything you can call your movers and ask for packing services. You decide what to pack, they will do the rest.

Make yourself comfortable

Normally, you want to take a lot of your belongings with you and your pet. But, before you do something like bringing your dog with you check if it is possible. Most student accommodations will not allow pets. Instead, you can take your favorite staff toy, pillow, blanket, or take with you some photos to make the space cozy and to remind you of your home.

A dog and a cat
If you have a pet, make sure you can bring it

Hire movers

There are a lot of companies who can help you with your relocation. It all depends on your needs and of course budget. You can search for the moving services Seattle residents recommend and use all the time. You just need to find a moving company that suits your needs and your budget. All the reliable moving companies will offer you insurance so you will not have to worry about your belongings. If they get damaged, lost, or stolen your insurance will cover it. Depending on your agreement with the moving company, your belongings will be repaired, replaced or your money will be reimbursed.

If you are moving across the country or to another country you don’t want to travel by bus nor car for 15-20 hours or more. You can book a flight and go by plane. But if you drive and you want to use your car in Seattle, you can search on the internet ship car when moving to California. You will find companies that can offer you this type of service. They will safely transport your vehicle. You, your car, and belongings will arrive safely and you can start unpacking. You can always add some decoration and details to make yourself feel at home.

Seattle skyline- packing tips for students
You will love living in Seattle once you move here

Explore the city

When preparing to go to some new city for college it would be good to read about it, to find some guide book. You should explore the city and get to know it. Of course, you need to study, but you need to relax too. And that is an ideal moment to visit some interesting spots in Seattle. You must absolutely visit The Chihuly Garden, Glass Museum, and The Space Needle. Downtown Seattle hosts the Seattle Art Museum, The Seattle Symphony, and Pike Place Market. Depending on your interests you will have a lot of things to choose from whether you are going to visit or not. You can have a lot of outdoor activities including walking, cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, motor boating, sailing, team sports, and swimming.

Here you can find some relocation and packing tips for students that could help you with the move. Just be rational and take the necessary items with you. Every time you visit your home you can take something new with you.

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