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Best neighborhoods for families in Seattle

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    Moving to a new city is a challenge in most cases. The largest part of this challenge is finding the best area for you and your family to live in. There are a lot of things to consider when making these decisions, so it can be a bit overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve done the research for you. Here, you’ll find a list of the best neighborhoods for families in Seattle. We’ll go over the important factors such as the history, the current events, education, and housing of each area. All you’ll have to do is get moving boxes Seattle¬†and start packing. With their help, your relocation will be nothing but smooth sailing.

    waterfront view of Seattle
    Seattle is full of neighborhoods perfect for families

    Seattle itself is easily the most family-friendly city you can find. With plenty of diversity, culture, great education options, and fun activities to choose from. Regardless if you’re looking for a home in the suburbs or the center itself, you’ll surely find a neighborhood that fits you and your family perfectly. We’re here to help you on your journey, so we’ve prepared a list of some of Seattle’s finest neighborhoods to live in.

    Windermere, one of the upscale neighborhoods for families in Seattle

    Located on the very shores of Lake Washington, this is one of the more upscale neighborhoods for families in Seattle to live in. With its great view yet a very secluded atmosphere, it is a very cozy area in the northeast part of the city. There are no business districts here, so if you’re looking for a quiet and safe place, this is the perfect location for you. And you’ll get there in no time thanks to the experienced movers Seattle. The area was established way back in 1910 and named after lake Windermere in England. Originally, the settlers moved here for farming purposes. But that didn’t last long, with the realization that the potential for real estate development is far greater. As we’ve previously mentioned, this is a fairly quiet neighborhood without a business district. As such, you won’t find many shopping malls or restaurants areond here.

    family homes in Seattle neighborhoods
    Windermere is a cozy neighborhood perfect for a quiet life

    In fact, there aren’t that many community events either. But even so, people seem to like that aspect of silence and peace when living here. There are, however, plenty of tennis courts, playgrounds, and a lakeside beach. If you still want some dining and shopping, the area is connected to business districts such as Sandpoint Way by train. Windermere has three public and one private school in the area. All of these are elementary schools, except for the private Villa Academy, which offers middle school education. All of this tranquility and calmness does come with a price tag. There are many shapes and sizes of homes in Windermere, and their prices range from around $230.000 to more than a million US dollars. The monthly rent is set between $1.300 and $1.600. Before moving here, carefully weigh out your options between buying and renting.

    Madrona, a family haven surrounded by nature

    This neighborhood captures the attention of many families thanks to the Madrona State Park. If you want to have a picnic, go for a swim in the lake, or just walk through nature, this park has it all. Even though it is very close to Central District and Capitol Hill areas, it is still very quiet and tranquil. So don’t waste time, hire our piano movers Seattle, and enjoy relaxing music in a relaxing neighborhood as soon as possible. The Madrona neighborhood gets its name after the native trees covering the surrounding hillsides. Ever since the first settlers arrived, the main attractions and pastimes were Madrona park, swimming, boating, and picnicking. During the Civil War, there was a problem with racial tension which at times caused outbursts of violence. The tensions subsided in the ’70s and today, Madrona successfully maintains its ethnic and cultural diversity.

    Seattle neighborhood at sunset
    If you love nature, you’ll love the scenery of Madrona

    If you like going out and exploring, Madrona has plenty to offer. You can find numerous restaurants, shops, cafes, and clubs perfect for social gatherings. Public and family events are regular and very frequent as well. The daily life in this neighborhood is full of movie nights, concerts, parades, craft workshops, wine tasting, and so much more. In terms of education, you can find one public school and four private ones. Some of the more popular are The Valley School, Epiphany School, and Madrona K-8. The housing is on a rather expensive end of the spectrum. You can find different varieties of real estate, from mansions to more modest bungalows. Buying a property in Madrona will set you back around $600.000 while renting one is between $1.700 to 15.000 per month.

    Wedgwood, an active community perfect for family life

    None of the residents are actually sure if the correct spelling is “Wedgwood” or “Wedgewood” but regardless, everyone loves living here. This is a rather secluded and low-key area but the sense of community is strong, making it one of the best neighborhoods for families in Seattle. This is the perfect time to give apartment movers Seattle a call and secure yourself a beautiful home. Located around seven miles outside of Seattle, Wedgwood is surrounded by Lake city, View Ridge, Bryant, and Ravenna, all full of possibilities for employment and growth. With plent of schools, restaurants, shops, and interesting landmarks, Wedgwood is perfect for family life.

    A quiet Seattle neighborhood for families
    Wedgwood takes great pride in its sense of community

    Interestingly enough, the area gets its name from the most unusual place. The original landowner’s wife had a set of Wedgwood china which she adored, so naturally, the area was named after it. The landowner himself was a developer, and during World War 2, he constructed 500 homes for the defense workers. Ever since then, the neighborhood has been very popular. Every summer, the community organizes the PLANET: HOME festival which celebrates sustainable living. There are many parks and cozy shops. The Grateful Bread bakery is the perfect place to bring your kids for a delicious treat. All this makes Wedgwood one of the most popular neighborhoods for families in Seattle. Even the housing is on the cheaper side. A large and lavish home will set you back between $300.000 and 600.000, while rentals are around $2000 per month. These prices are much lower than in most parts of the city.

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